Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Q&A

Happy Ground Hog Day! Do you realize this is the very month that a really awesome book comes out? Want to know what it is? Well, find out in our number 1 item today.....

1. Sunbum asked when my 13th Reality Book 2 comes out. Well, actually, very timely question because the release date has been moved up a week! Kinda sorta. It's more of a matter that I don't really have a hard street date, and the books are all in, and we scheduled some school visits the last week of February, and yada yada yada, the book will be in most stores starting the week of February 23rd.

Wow, that's 3 weeks from today. 3 weeks! How did that happen?

2. Mr. Vincent asked whether or not my books will be released in the UK. Great question.

First, THE MAZE RUNNER. Very good chance. My agency started offering it to foreign rights agents once it was sent to copyediting, and the word I've received is that interest is very high. Hopefully we'll see some things happen on that front in the next few months.

Second, 13TH REALITY. No idea. I think the Simon & Schuster paperback deal will help, because I believe that also includes foreign rights, and they probably have a lot more clout shopping it around. But it might be awhile. Sorry!

3. Trainee asked if I'd be doing workshops or conferences in Utah other than the big BYU one in June because he/she won't be here. The answer is yes. More details to come, but I'm presenting at the following events:

LTUE at BYU on February 19th-21st. This one is FREE and I'll be on many panels and readings and signings and stuff.

SCBWI conference in St. George Utah on March 21st.

Storymakers Conference in Provo UT on April 24th and 25th.

Conduit in Salt Lake City UT on May 22nd-23rd.

4. Ron Simpson asked if I'm going on tour for Book 2's release. Yes. It's kind of scaled back because of the economy, but I'll be doing lots of stuff in Arizona, Utah, and one other state we haven't decided on yet.

5. LexiconLuvr (excited to meet you at the BYU thing!) asked what my duties would be as literary chair for the arts foundation. Basically, they have 2 retreats a year where artists from different disciplines (literature, visual arts, film, music, theater) go to Aspen Grove in the mountains and share their work, have awesome discussions on our places in the world, and eat lots of food. As chair, I help out and lead discussions and decide who comes from my discipline.

6. LexiconLuvr also asked how many presentations/workshops I do a year and what's the experience like. Well, I do as many as I can, probably an average of one thing a month. Krista (at Random House) has told me they push their authors really hard on things like that, so I hope my national opportunities really pick up once MAZE comes out.

As for what it's like, I LOVE it. It's probably the Number One Thing of my author career. I love going to writer's conferences and chillin' with people of my own species. The only humans who understand writers, truly, are other writers, which is why it's so fun.

7. Macotar asked if I'll ever miss my old job of accounting. Which made me laugh for about three hours and seven minutes.

8. LouMac pointed out that I was able to refrain from doing ten items last week. You see, I'm not as OCD as we thought. And looky there, I'm stopping early today, too. Sometimes I amaze even myself.

9. Loumac also asked who Sally is. And used the word "her." Which is strange. I'll say no more.

10. Darn you LouMac! Look what you've done! You made me get so close to ten I couldn't resist. Oh the horror.


Brian said...

Oh... That 10th was so horrible, I'm not sure what I'll do! ^_^

Magenta said...

Cool! The book comes out a week early! Congrats.

I know you live all the way in Utah, but would it be possible for you to someday do a tour down in Florida? That's where I live. I know it would probably be WAY out of your way on this tour, but maybe you can pick it as the state you haven't decided yet? I really want to meet you someday.

James Dashner said...

Magenta, that's very nice of you! Sometimes I do stuff in Atlanta, which isn't too far away. I'll try to push to get something down farther. But I doubt it'll be this spring. Sorry!

I love Florida. My sister used to live near Orlando.

L.T. Elliot said...
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LouMac said...


I once got a fortune that said "I use my charms to get what I want!"

Hmmm...maybe it was telling the truth!

Anyways, congrats on getting the book to come out a week early. I can't wait for it! Any chance you can get me a discount or front-of-line pass because I live in Utah? Maybe I should come and meet you some day and get an autographed copy. (Hmmm...don't worry if you see any paparazzi around. Hehehe!)

Whoah! My spam word is: deingsen. Sounds German, eh?

LouMac said...

Oh! And thank you James! I used up the last three of the 'ten' items on your list; And Happy Groundhog Day everyone!

James Dashner said...

LouMac, just tell me who you are and I'll make sure you don't stand in line.....

LexiconLuvr, glad you and your group are coming!

Kelly M said...

When are you coming to AZ? You better let me know. I'll keep checking here. You should time it to come catch some spring training games. . .I know one particularly handsome lawyer who wouldn't mind taking a day off to catch a game with you!

Q said...

You make me laugh.

I totally noticed the "her" thing, too. Hee hee.

Melanie said...

My son asked me to check out your release date and badda-bing badda-boom you have good news!

I need to check your site for book signings. My son would like to meet you. I trust you are a good roll model for my 11 year old. Brush your teeth and bring your Bible:) Hope to see you later this month!

James Dashner said...

Kelly, I'll definitely wanna see you guys. Stay tuned.....

Melanie, good role model? Please. I'm the goodest role modeling person out there.

Unknown said...

Hey, James! It's Kirsten. Or... Kir3sten. Tigger. That one crazy bodyguard from the last tour. Anyway.

I was wondering if you were coming to the Happy Valley B&N again. =) I was just talking to my manager about you, and we really hope you're coming back. If not, let me know where you'll be and I'll come stalk... er... visit you... there. =)

J.N. Future Author said...

awesome! I really hope you have more tours! the one you did at my school was so much fun! ^.^ except you choose all the wrong volenteers! nah, I'm just kidding, I was just sad to not get an awesome shirt!

but that was the first time I ever meet you! man it was so much fun! and Mrs. Savage said "watch out for this one, he's nothing but trouble" ^.^ I guess she was right! (she said this with a smile tho...)

James Dashner said...

Kirsten! My faithful bodyguard! I could never forget you.

Still not sure what the store schedule is, but I think I'll be down there for a whole week. Hope to see you....

Unknown said...

Wherever you are in Arizona, let me know, I'll totally come visit you.

If it's not my store, I'll cry. But only a little. When you're not looking.


Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books said...

Hello James,

Thanks for the Answers about any possible U.K book release dates.

I now have a proof copy of The 13th Reaility.

I am so looking forward to reading it.
I will put up a review soon!

All the best.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you could get books just a little earlier to the BYU bookstore for your signing at LTU&E?

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

Congratulations on all your successes! You're doing an awesome "writing" job.

Lauren said...

Thanks for answering my question!!! I can hardly wait until I can read it!!! As you can probably tell from all the exclamation points I'm very excited about it!!!!

Unknown said...

mackenzie said hi i think that i am going to read your book i go to red mountain elementry you went there the 23rd you are a great and funny author