Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time to Catch Up

How's everyone doing? I thought it was high time I play catch up and answer some of your questions as well. So here we go, in no particular order...

1. I've never been so excited for and yet dread something so much: the series finale of LOST, coming up this Sunday. I'm going to be so incredibly sad when it's over, and yet I'm dying to see the last episode. But it's the last one EVER. Oh the pain. The horror!

2. Speaking of TV, we've fallen completely in love with the show MODERN FAMILY. It is so so so good!!!! We actually look forward to it more than THE OFFICE, which I can't believe just came out of my mouth, or fingertips, or whatever.

3. I'm finally reading THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. It has me very captivated, although I can't really say why.

4. For those really faithful Duders, I thought I'd give you an update on my ACL surgeryified knee. It's doing really well. I've been jogging a lot and it feels good. Two more months until I can play basketball and ski again!!!! (Although I'm doubting we'll have much snow to ski on in July.)

5. Oh, you want some book related stuff? Okay, I can do that. We went through a lot of revisions and fine tuning for THE SCORCH TRIALS, but I believe we are finally done. And I'm very proud of the final result, and thrilled with what Krista pulled out of me to make it better. I can't believe it comes out in 5 months!

6. We'll only have teaser chapters at BEA, so I'm sorry if that disappoints anyone. Here's my schedule by the way: Signing TST chapters at 9:00 am Wednesday in the Random House booth, then signing THE 13TH REALITY Book 3 at 11:00 am Wednesday in the main autographing area. On Thursday I'll be signing in the ABA Lounge at 10:30. I'll also be doing lots of luncheons, dinners, and other fun stuff. Can't wait!

7. I am now working very very hard on THE DEATH CURE, the third and final book in THE MAZE RUNNER trilogy. It's always so fun to be in first draft writing mode. Story and characters and creativity are all that matters at this point.

8. It's been a lot of fun for me to work with some of the translators doing my foreign versions of MAZE. I had never thought about how hard it can be to translate things like shuck and shank and WICKED and Griever into other languages.

9. I get asked this a lot, so in case you don't know: MAZE comes out in paperback on August 24th (same day as MOCKINGJAY!) and SCORCH comes out on October 12th.

10. My family has become obsessed with fish tacos. We eat them whenever and wherever we can. I'm not sure this is normal.

11. I had a great tour for Book 3 of 13TH REALITY. Thanks to all the students, teachers, bookstore employees, and readers I met in Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Austin, St. Louis, and Salt Lake City. I really had me some good times. No more touring until October!

12. Thanks to Morgan for pointing out that Rick Riordan said on his blog that his son loved MAZE. The fact that this made me giddy is further proof that I'm still a fanboy and will probably never change.

Okay, so here's some Q&A:

First, as always, THANK YOU for all the nice comments about my books. Those never fail to make my day! I really appreciate each and every one.

Sally T, I'm sorry you missed me in Dallas!

Shelli, I AM coming to Atlanta to visit my family soon (counting down the days actually), but alas, no events are scheduled. Maybe next time!

Shaun Barger, thanks for the awesome writeup on apocalypse writing!

#1, Sorry, my schedule is just too crazy right now. :(

Jackson, we'll be catching up on 24 once LOST is over. I can only handle so many shows! And thanks for providing me with so many laughs in the comments.

Several have asked about ARCS for SCORCH. I don't really know much about when they'll be done and how many will be printed. But I'm sure I'll give at least a couple away on this here blog once I have some. And you can always request one through your channels with Random House. If you have said channel.

Someone started a forum for 13TH REALITY. Check it out: Also, someone started a site for MAZE fans: Thanks, guys, I'm honored and I hope people visit you.

Dave, I'm not into FLASHFORWARD or V. I don't commit to anything now until they prove they won't be cancelled!

Anonymous, yes, I used to teach at SLCC. That was fun while it lasted for a very short while.

Julie Belnap, I'm sorry I won't be at the teen writer's conference! I think they like to shake it up on who comes every year.

Traci, I'm sorry I missed a chance to sign your book. Crazy schedule lately!

Matt Hayes, I actually don't know the title for Book 4 of 13TH yet. I'll probably reveal that this fall.

Brin, I thought it was very cute how you asked me to explain quantum physics. Keep reading 13TH and you'll find out a little, but I'm not smart enough to explain it any more than that!

Christie asked about how you get published. Scroll down on the right side of my blog and you'll see links to lots of stuff I've written about that. Best of luck!!!

Michelle, it would really be hard to commit to something next March because I'll probably be on tour. Maybe contact me again as it gets closer?

Anonymous, all of my books are on the Kindle and Nook and other ereaders now.

Cupcake wants to know when I'll come to Canada. No plans as of yet. Maybe push a bookstore there to request it through Random House.

Mary, as we get closer to the UK release, that would be great! Maybe towards the end of July?

Morgan asked how long the Gladers had been around before Thomas showed up. There was an original group of about 25, and Thomas came two years later.

Brian asked about that panel I did in NY with Scott Westerfeld, Michael Grant and Carrie Ryan. Ya know, I never did hear if that got put up on the Internet. Could someone google that and try to find it for us?

June asked about Group B and WICKED's true intentions. I... can't... say... a... word... about... it...

For those of you asking about interviews, appearances, etc., please forgive me for not responding. If you're still interested, try again in late June or July, as that's when my schedule will calm down quite a bit for awhile. Thank you for your interest.

Wow, long post. I love you all!!!!!


Laurel said...

It's totally normal to be in love with fish tacos. Rubio's has my favorite, but I'm partial. I grew up in San Diego where Rubio's is a staple. Can't wait for Scorch Trials.

Aubrey said...

Glad to hear things are going so well with you all. I am so jealous of everyone going to BEA! Have fun!

CTW said...

James, I saw you all of 30 seconds at Storymakers. It was crazy. I agree with you on Lost, but I can't imagine how they can tie it up. Modern Family last night had me laughing so loud! I love that show.
And so glad you're having such amazing success!

Laura said...

I think you just set a record for the longest post you've ever written. Congrats! Yay for your healing knee and your crazy book schedule!

And, uhm, I've never eaten a fish taco. Guess that's what I get for living in potato land.

Jonathon Arntson said...

I recently won THE 13th REALITY from a book giveaway a friend of mine hosted. I absolutely loved MAZE, so I am uber excited to start T13R.

Congrats on finishing revisions and your miniRiordan review.

Also, your blog has a lot of acs and abbrevs.

Julie Belnap said...

It's okay, I still have Anette and Julie and Jewel, and I can meet new authors too. I was still able to see you and everything, so it's fine.

Can't wait for summer! Maybe then I can work on writing and reading! yes!

Mindy said...

Thanks for all the answers. I really enjoy your humor. I'm looking forward and dreading Sunday too. Lost will be sorely missed. I can't believe it's over. Modern Family is awesome! Love love love your books. Have a great one. Counting days until "Scorch Trials"

Graham Bradley said...

Twenty bucks says I get my hands on an ARC of Scorch Trials.

I know some people who know some people who'll whack some people.


Morgan Ramsey said...

Wow Dashner, thanks for mentioning me three times! You also mentiononed my two friends Jackson and Matt. We met through your blog and are writing a book together!

Jenny said...

Fish tacos ARE the bomb.

Missed not being able to chat with you much at Storymakers. But the conference was great as usual.

Hmm. I may have to give Modern Family a try. I've heard lots of good buzz about it. Your recommendation might just seal the deal for me. "Lost" will be missed. Sigh. But if I DON'T get into another series, I might get more writing done. There's an upside to everything.

I'm hoping your "Scorch" tour will bring you to Seattle area.

Jackson Porter said...

Wow, finally Dashner. But you are forgiven, for 24 too. Anyway, thanks for mentioning my friends and I on your blog, also thanks for mentioning our website. That will really help with our publicity.

Well, thanks for the entertaining post Dashner.


Carolyn V. said...

Glad you are recovering well!

I've sadly never had fish tacos. I know...weird.

numberonedashnerfan said...

Fish tacos, its all cool that you can't make it my sister will be recording the concert anyways cause my dad is out of town so I will put that on you tube case you decide you want to watch the concert on your own time..... I have more to say but I got to go gets ready to perform so.....tiki tiki for now

Lauren said...

Hey James, can you come to a home-schooler's school? (p.s It would be just me =D) And I just got into The Maze Runners Trilogy, and I must say, well done. I would compare it to some of my favorite authors like Scott Westerfeld, Suzanne Collins, and Cassandra Clare. So in essence, what are some ways for a amerature to get 1) an agent and 2) a publisher. I know I will probably find the answer to both somewhere on your page, but I had to ask anyway. So thanks for writing, because authors like you keep writers like us going. Good luck with everything!


Lauren-Nicole said...

Sorry It did not post my name correctly, I was post #14 and My name is Lauren-Nicole

Alyssa said...

Man, I can't... wait... until the scorch trials! My brother is gonna be so excited! Thanks for writing such an amazing book!! My bro has a very picky taste when it comes to books, and fortunately, the maze runner is now in his top 10!
Make the Scorch Trials come out on the 14th of october! Please! Lo esta mi cupleanos!

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

I just checked out The girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I haven't started it yet though. Just started Maze Runner. So far, so good! LOL

Matt Hayes said...

Thanks, James, for mentioning me, Morgan, and Jackson. Check out my blog at!

Sara said...


First off-amazing post! I love fish tacos, I had them the other day for the first time. I don't even really like fish, but I really liked them.

Yay for finishing The Scorch Trials! I absolutely can't wait to read it. If you have any spare minutes I would love it if you read my review of The Maze Runner which btw is now one of my favorite books :D

BEA sounds like so much fun! I would do anything to get to go. I hope you have an awesome time! Oh and I almost forgot- Modern Family is amazing, as is The Office, both are hilarious.

Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

We really should meet! You are so awesome! (Don't know if I am saying this as a gushing fan or a fellow/hope-to-be-published/author) that I am in Utah maybe we will run into each other! I can only cross my fingers.

Leesie Jones said...

I can I be your number one fan? I think that I might be since i'm kind of a stalker...haha. Fish tacos hmmm? I'll try them and tell you what I think. Thanks for answering my email. You are a slaughterer by the way...I thought that you would be a farmer. Haha. They're already giving away ARCs? ACH! I need one! I just got the pictures of us from the book signing. And I must say, we look goooooooddddd!! Thanks for the hint about group B anyway, I won't tell anyone. I want to come to BEA! You should come to Denver! But you know...whatever works. :) I'm upset because you didn't mention me in your blog post. But of course, if you did mention me, you would have to talk about everyone else. But please don't waste your precious writing time doing that. I want the first draft done pronto! Just kidding, I'm not bossy. Oh, and I think that i'm in love with Newt. Yep. I said it! He's so cool. To bad he's just a character...bummer...
Well thanks for reading this. Keep writing man!

RaShelle said...

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo -the title made me think of the book, The Gargoyle because, well, there's a woman with a big tattoo on her back, on the cover. Totally different genre's though. I read The Gargoyle, but haven't read TGWTDT. Intrigued.

numberonedashnerfan said...

Leesie, are you trying to pick a fight with who is #1dashnerfan around here.....anyhow James to continue my last comment yay for your knee getting dad is stuck in New York for longer cause of work, so if he is still there next week he is going to stop by if he gets time....assuming the email address I have for you is correct once my dad gets back I will be sending one your way.....tiki tiki

Anonymous said...

First of all, who is James? This semi-mature adult with a huge career and wonderful success is not the Jamie I knew back at the Riv! Hey Jamie! This is Kim (Shelton) Moore from back in BYU days. I was just in Utah for Women's Conference with Janet Parker, Sarah Periconi, Trish Lifferth & Jenn Lehman (all married now) and Janet told us she saw an article in the paper about you and all your books. We had no idea you had turned into such a successful writer! Congratulations! Sarah promptly went to the bookstore and bought all 3 books in your 13th Reality Series (she was the only one with enough room in her suitcase), and my local library here in Raleigh, NC carries some of them so I'm going to go check them out. The last time I remember seeing you, you were in the middle of all the "accounting junk." Anyway, we all said that we are so proud of you for doing what you truly want to do in life. Good luck with all your endeavors and I'll be sure to read your books and pass along references to my friends. Oh, and I'll also be sure to NOT post online the pictures I have of you at Chuck E. Cheese. :)Take care!
(I would have emailed you but don't see how I can get in touch with you directly).

Jennifer said...

You should book tour here in Lincoln, NE and get the best fish tacos ever at Oso Burrito, a locally owned place. And I grew up in San Diego too.

Samantha said...

I just finished The Maze Runner and absolutely loved it, Great work! I am excited to get started on the 13th Reality series next.

You've probably already gotten questions about this, but has The Maze Runner been optioned for a Movie or TV series yet? I think it would be so cool if it was!


Shaun Barger said...

Man oh man, I am so hoping that Lost doesn't end up with BSGesque finale. Here's hoping they do it right.

It's weird, shows with long narrative arcs and actual endings -- that's sort of a new thing, huh? Seriously, how many shows have actually had one big story arc, and a definitive ending? This is a trend that I'm a big fan of.

Have you all seen this?

Jacob as an intern at Entertainment Weekly. It's pretty amazing.

Shaun Barger said...

Whoa! And thanks for the shoutout! I'm glad you liked it!

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Congratulations on all the cool stuff. And yay for knees that can play basketball, the sport of choice. Last night I dreamed I played Jim Carrey. Dunked on him. Yesssssss.

Matt Hayes said...

So, you don't know the title for book 4 yet, but I will ask: have you started work on book 4 yet, or are you still planning?

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about doing signings and events on the east coast of the U.S.A?

Jackson Porter said...

Hey dashner, this is your 32 comment on this post.

My last post I have 72. Although it's a drug out conversation between 5 people, it's still more.

Haha. Haha.

Just kidding.

Just thought I might comment again.

Good writing day amigo.

Kasie West said...

Love Modern Family. My favorite show. You have now proven yourself as a man with good taste. Congratulations.

Matt Hayes said...

I can never see how people get 33 comments or 72 comments! Last post I have was 4. Maybe I blog too much...

Vanessa said...

You make me sad when you say there's only three books to Mazerunner. Oh well.

Have you ever said how many there will be to 13th? As long as you don't stop writing until you have a beard to your knees I'm happy.

Matt Hayes said...


He said that THE 13TH REALITY would be a five-book series.

Yeah, THE MAZE RUNNER is too good to be just a trilogy.

Hopefully he'll branch off in both worlds.

Jackson Porter said...

Okay, Dashner, on twitter you complained about Lost ending. Try 24. But the clock was so cool! It ticked down to, oh never mind, you haven't seen it yet.

By the way, if you were going to buy the season it comes out December 17, 2010. Or you can watch it on Fox for the next few weeks I think.

Just though I might complain.

Yeah, end of Lost.

This was an end of a shucking era.

The Buckley's said...

I happened to buy a copy of the first 13th Reality book on sale and immediately fell in love with it. As an avid, and rather picky, fantasy reader I was so amazed at the story that I even put down my Dragonlance books to read yours. That in itself is a feat since Dragonlance has been a staple in my life, if you haven't read them I highly recommend them. Anyway I digress, I just wanted to say bravo on your thrilling story telling. Just picked up the Maze Runner and I can't put it down. However why oh why are they series?? Now I have to wait! I think it is a conspiracy between all the great authors to make the readers wait!

Valette said...

Loved the Maze Runner! I stayed up till three in the morning on a school night reading it! How do you know when a book is long enough to be good? 'Cause my book's plot is finished, but its only 105 pages on Word. Also, how do you get an agent if you're almost 13? Does it cost a ton of money to get published?

Jackson Porter said...

Valette, contact me at

I can make it happen.

Getting you an agent and all, and your book published.
Just email me with what you want and I'll reply back with all the information.


Shanna Blythe said...

I'm totally interested to see what you have to say about Lost. All in all? It was fun seeing certain things happen, but COME ON! I FELT like it was a bit of a cop-out. And STILL so MANY unanswered questions.

I blogged about it! As SOON as my hubby and I finished it!

Dave said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave said...

Pleasure seeing you as always Dash. Glad Lauryn spotted you! Good news for all you Maze fans- a limited number, 5 chapter "sneak peak" books of Scorch Trials was given out today at BEA in NY and you will definitely NOT be disappointed. Granted it was only the first 5 chapters, Dashner delivers as promised and hoped for. If you haven't read Maze Runner yet, stop hangin around like a bunch of Cranks and read it! I am not looking forward to reading anything more than Scorch the rest of the year. Thanks again for coming through Dashner.


Anonymous said...

James Dashner, you are so awesome. I don't have anything else to say, but please know that you are very awesome. I've met you at LTUE, but I didn't know what to say then either because you were too awesome.

numberonedashnerfan said...

So um James...will you when you get a chance go over to my blog or send me an email....there's some things I need/want to talk to you about......oh and hi Dave, its been awhile, I like how you did your signature thing with comments now, sorry if me talking to you broke our little dashnog, henTim- being cooped up in New York for a week doing nothing but work the whole time.....tiki tiki dude

Anonymous said...

We love you too, James! I can't believe I got to see you at ltue and stand in your awesomeness and your attractiveness. You are so lucky! You get to hang out with your awesomeness and attractiveness all day knowing all the secrets to the maze. Maybe one day I'll have enough courage to actually speak to you at a conference and maybe we could sit around and eat cheese together. Keep writing!

Leesie Jones said...

I just felt like leaving a post today. Did you say who won American Idol? I really wanted him to when. :) Even though you don't really care about that show, I felt like confiding in you all about it. Hehe. I must say that I have a new favorite band. Paramore. have you heard of them? Sorry, this is just random updates on my-compared-to-yours-boring-life. I'm almost like so scared that I won't get to read The Scorch Trials an ARC. Please have a contest! I might stop breathing! *puts hands on neck and pretends to dies dramatically*

@Jackson: Are you sure you can publish a book? Have you published one? I've started a book of free verse poetry but I don't know the big details on publishing.

Shaun Barger said...


Hey Valette. Congrats on completing your first work! Very impressive.

At 100 pages, what you have is more of a novella than a novel, but that's still cool. I recommend asking your English teacher to look over it, give you notes and advice. Parents too -- and any of your reader friends!

Writing is a learning process -- no matter how well we write, we can always get better, so ask for honest, constructive criticism on what could be improved.

Keep writing, every day, it's obvious that you have a strong writing drive, and that's half the battle right there.

Getting published should NEVER cost you any money. Agents should NEVER charge a dime -- they take a percentage of any sales they make on your behalf.

Getting published is extremely difficult, but doable. Read agent blogs to learn how it's done -- Nathan Bransford's is an excellent one, and he has tons of links to other blogs and resources.

Never trust any offers that sound too good to be true -- as they almost always are. Anyone who says "Send me your work, I'll get it published for you!" without knowing you or having seen any of your previous work is running some sort of scam -- DON'T SEND IT TO THEM.

Also, beware vanity publishing and self publishing. Vanity publishing is when a company will turn your work into a book, but then charge you for it, and send you a box of them to sell on your own (or set up a website, whatever). Stick with legit publishers, large or small. And to get to legit publishers, you (almost always) need to get an agent.

Good luck on your writing career! Keep writing no matter how hard it gets, and make sure to do your research!


Matt Hayes said...

It's not exactly catching up when you post every month!!!!!!!! Come on! I'm bored!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

James! You're over on Alice Pope's SCBWI blog!

Glad everything went well at BEA and on your tour.

Anonymous said...

hello everyone!! my great, awesome, FANTASTIC friend introduced me to The Maze Runner and i all i can say is.......
it is in my top 10 favorite books and let me tell you, that is pretty hard to do because i read so many books. but i CANNOT wait for the Scorch Trials. ALSO i didn't know that there was even going to BE a second and third book, so i am even MORE excited!!!!!!!!
goodness me, this is awesome!!!!
thanks so much for writing james!!
you should TOTALLY come to southern NH :D at least its not 100 degrees!!!
PS i'm also in LOVE, ABSOLUTE LOVE with 24!!!! im so sad its over now!! :(:( but jack bauer is the best guys ever!! <3kiefer sutherland!!

Anonymous said...

OH and what's an ARC?? i saw it in the post and here in the comments and seeing as i'm new to the blog, what is it? :D oh and BEA too :)

Anonymous said...

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Sydney said...

Hello Mr. Dashner :) I have a couple questions/comments that I would love to be answered. First I want to tell you how brilliant the Maze Runner was. You have a true talent with words. The way you gave each character so much emotion,captivated me, and made the book literally impossible to put down. And that is coming from a teenage girl that gets grounded from books as a punishment :) Anywho, back to my questions for you. The last paragraph in the epilogue of the Maze Runner left me questioning if The Scorch Trials was going to be a companion book or a sequel. I ask this because it mentions a Group B and their trial results. It also mentions, a couple sentences earlier that there was going to be "Stage 2 Implementation" (obviously referring to Thomas and his fellow Gladers). My question is this: Is The Scorth Trials going to be about the next Trial Thomas has to face, or about the Journey of Group B? Are you going to right a seperate trilogy about Group B and what they went through?
Ok enough of that. haha. As an adult, I aspire to be a Book Editor for Young Adult Fiction (Maybe even an author...:). As an Author I am sure you are familiar with the publishing side of things. I was wondering if you can possibly give me some advice to succeed in the industry. Thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful day! (:
Peace <3

anywhere_Smile said...

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