Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Q&A 2012: Part 2

In two or three weeks, we'll be revealing the new and VASTLY improved You guys are gonna really love it. It'll be a much better place to gather, and the blog will live on there. As will lots of other stuff.

It all started when my agent asked me, "James, isn't it high time you had a professional-looking website?" In other words, "James, your blog looks sucky." Not much longer!

In the meantime, I thought I'd answer the next five questions of our Q&A. Also, be sure and read the shout-out at the bottom of this post!

Logan Rutherford: How much I write per day really depends on what stage of the process I currently find myself. When I'm in full-bore first-draft writing mode, I usually do anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 words per day. Then, during revisions, I think more in terms of time spent on editing and reworking. But with all my work combined, including promotion, it's definitely a full-time job. A fun one, but full-time.

Mike Cholowicz: I always, always type and edit my books on my laptop. Using the good old-fashioned Word. Nothing fancy. I love being able to take my job anywhere I like, from the mountains to a library to a bookstore to my backyard. And my office, of course. I have an author friend who writes her books out longhand before entering them into a computer. Ugh. I could never do that!!!

Carolyn: How did I get my big break? That's a great question. It seems like any successful author had a few lucky breaks and I'm no exception. I started with a small publisher, moved to a medium-sized one, then got on with Random House. Each step can be traced back eventually to someone I met at a conference or something like that.

The biggest lucky break I've had? Having the right book at the right time when THE HUNGER GAMES became a huge phenomenon. Thanks, Ms. Collins! I'd write you a check, but... I think you're okay.

BlondeTiger and Lady_Mel, among others, asked where I get my inspiration: Mainly from books, TV, and movies. It's a tough *coughcough* part of my job, but I do a lot of all three of those! They all combine to create an idea factory in my head, as well as teach me about what works and what doesn't work in storytelling. Plus they get me EXCITED about writing and creating.

Chunky: Thanks for asking about the slang in THE MAZE RUNNER. That was a lot of fun to create. Basically, it had two purposes:

1. To show that this was taking place in a different time and to give their language its own flavor.

2. To give their words a harshness - to match their environment - without getting banned from every school in the world. It wouldn't have made much sense for Minho to say, "Gee darn golly, there's a goshdang Griever up there!" I was being practical.

Thanks for the questions. Are you bored yet? Wish you'd lost your eyeballs in a screwdriver mishap? Thanks anyway!

Ok, I wanted to give a shout-out to a budding film project by the same guys who made the amazingly awesome book trailer for THE MAZE RUNNER. Please check them out on, and become a backer. I did it, because I really believe in them and I know they are extremely talented filmmakers. Their future is bright.

For more information, CLICK HERE.


Aston said...

I will contact them immediately :) lol said...


Anonymous said...

James Dashner!!! I LOVE your books more than words can explain. My friends and I do not talk about your books at lunch everyday *cough cough*. Well..... what can I say, they're just that amazing. I can wait for everything that is coming up, the prequel, the new website.... I really can't. Please hurry!!! Good that.

Angela Brown said...

Really enjoyed reading the answers to the questions. Thank you so much for sharing them.

Alice said...

Don't want to give anything away for those who haven't read Scorch Trials, but I must say that my daughter was heart broken by her fav. character from the series. Heart-broken. You broke her heart. That's all I have to say, except that my son's fav. character is Jorge. He's one of my faves too.

Alice said...

Oops. I meant Death Cure. Death Cure broke her heart.

pen master said...

The Thirteenth Reality?? Anything more than a title and the oh so cursed words more coming soon???

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! Thanks for answering our questions!

Veronica said...

Hey! I was wondering if you're going to do or are planning any book signings? Possibly in New York?

Kayelina said...

Can you describe Teresa and Brenda? How are they alike and how are they different? [OMG that sounds like something a middle school English book would say!]

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