Friday, June 27, 2008

Patience is a Virtue

Hi guys. I know I've tortuously teased you with supposed "news" that will seem somewhat big and exciting. Well, the truth is, my news is as follows: I bought a new car that actually has a plug in for my iPod!

Okay, that's true, but it's not the news. And unfortunately, I can't spill the beans yet. Why, you may ask? Because besides other things like being a genius, hard worker, and total stud, my agent is also a tyrant, and I do whatever he says. So there. Hopefully I can tell you on Monday.

Meanwhile, I'd like to share an experience I had this morning. I was jogging, and thinking really hard about a certain book I'm working on, and I had 2 epiphanies! That's right, 2. A certain plot point and the ending will vastly improve now, and it was quite the experience. My eyes actually teared up I was so happy.

Why did I tell you that? Answer: Just in case you were starting to doubt that authors are psycho. We are, and the sooner you accept it, the better.

Random thought: I think my current favorite band is Coldplay. I've been listening to their new album, and I love it. Especially after listening to it 3 or 4 times. The songs really grow on you and now I can't wait to listen to them again on the way home today. You should definitely check it out.

Another random thought: Georgia lost the college world series after winning the first game against Fresno State. Who cares, bring on football.

Yet another random thought: I hate hot weather. I'm a winter sorta guy. Which makes things like July and Global Warming not my favorite.

One last random thought: I overcooked the steaks last night. I'm a loser.

Okay, I think I'm done here. Until I can talk about what I'm not allowed to talk about, you're gonna get lame blog posts like this one. Maybe next time I'll describe the top ten sitting positions in which I like to read a book.

By the way, I was just kidding when I called you a tyrant, Michael. Sir.


Q said...

Coldplay is going to Utah. You ought to check that concert out.

J Scott Savage said...

You sure you didn't just fall down and skin your knee while you were jogging and blame the crying on a plot breakthrough? I happen to know you're a major weeper.

Anna said...

call ME a loser, but I would actually like to read about the top ten sitting positions for reading a book. My two favorite places are my bed and 'my' chair...i sorta stole it from my dad.

Rachelle Christensen said...

Coldplay is awesome! I'll have to check out their new music, it's been awhile since they've had new stuff. I have some things by them, Snow Patrol, Goo goo dolls etc. on my running mix so whenever I hear them I feel like running--'cept can't right now cuz I'm pregnant, so run an extra mile for me tomorrow,K?
I like all kinds of music and happen to love country music too. Curious--what other types of music do you like?

J.N. Future Author said...

Sweet, two new ideas! I hope they are really good ones

ColdPlay is Amazing! they have such powerful music

and the biggest question of the day!

-Will there ever be a contest for some advanced readers editions of HfDI?

(as a side warming sucks....i really REALLY dont like the hot cant exactly sled when its 984 degrees outside, and sweating in the hot sun is the WORST)

Melinda said...

Hm, I'll have to check out Coldplay. I love to update my playlist with new stuff--new to me at least.

Your teasing is driving me crazy, but I suspect I'll forgive you as soon as you actually announce something. :-)

Congrats on the new car, at least. That is good news.

Crystal Liechty said...

If you like Coldplay, you should check out The Shins (if you haven't already.) Especially their song, 'Phantom Limb.' Or 'So says I' or 'New Slang' or 'Caring is Creepy' or...yeah, just check them out.

Shari said...

I wish you'd hurry up and tell us. The suspense is killing me, or at least making me uncomfortable. . . or curious. . . or something.

And now that that's out, who in the heck is Coldplay? If it's not ABBA or the Bee Gees or some other band from that era, I am totally at a loss. Well, congratulations on the new car and the ipod plug-in, you famous, wealthy author, you. From a poor non-author aka Karen's friend.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I tear up when I work on my book too. Unfortunately though, for completely the opposite reason. Heh.

I like Mr. Savage's comment. Made me giggle.

Get to the news already!

James Dashner said...

Savage, stuff it.

Rachelle, I like all kinds of music. Seriously. Everything from Beethoven to Beastie Boys.

j.n., there will definitely be a big giveaway of ARCs for Book 2 this fall when they come out.

The Shins. Definitely gonna check them out.

Shari, my car didn't cost that much. I think everything has iPod plugins now.

Kim, glad to have you back!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Hey - congrats on the car. My mini-van has an ipod plug in. I love it!

Tamra Norton said...

C'mon Dashner. Out with it already!

James Dashner said...

I'm sorry, guys! This is taking a lot longer than I thought or I woulda kept my big mouth shut.

Carroll said...

I found some interesting video clips of Coldplay on the Net. Fun to learn about a group new to me.

You say you hate hot weather--here in SE Arizona it's been over 100 for several weeks now! Luckily, that heat is the pump that brings the monsoon rains up from Mexico. Tonight we had a quick, hard rain, followed by a welcome cool-down and the fresh smell of wet desert. Couldn't be better.

Marsha Ward said...

Random thoughts! You sly dog, you!

holly said...

*I* love that album too! i just got it the other day and WOOOOOW! love it. several of the songs are stuck in the noggin now.

(i'm here because of kim. i stalk her. fortunately, she's okay with that.)