Friday, August 22, 2008

Join us next week!

It hit me yesterday that I really have only 3 weeks until I have to turn in THE MAZE RUNNER. Yowza. I'm at the League of Utah Writer's conference (Roundup) on Sept 12th and 13th, so I'd really like to turn it in before I go to that.

That's 3 weeks from today! Exciting and scary at the same time.

Someone asked me yesterday if I was going to turn it in on time. At first I didn't even comprehend the question. Seriously, I hesitated, had to think about it. It's kind of like asking someone if they're going to attend the first day of school, or shower sometime next week. The answer is obvious.

OF COURSE I'm going to turn it in on time. I don't see how there's an option. To be honest, I'm not that worried. I feel very good about the first draft, and if I just work my tail off for 3 weeks, it'll be ready. (Even though previously I've always spent at least 2 months revising and editing.)

Having said that, you may think I'm an irresponsible dong for doing what I'm doing today and tomorrow. Me and "The Fellas" are going on our annual getaway (called The Chiefer Open if you must know) where we golf 18 today, spend the night at my friend Bryan's cabin, then golf 18 tomorrow. Then I have to rush to Shannon Hale's release party tomorrow afternoon.

Maybe I should work on the book instead? Nah. If people knew how much fun we had at the Chiefer Open, it'd become an international phenomenon with a waiting list a mile long. I will miss my family tonight - but who knows, maybe they're excited to get rid of me. If I find abandoned party favors in the corner when I get back......

I just realized this blog post is about absolutely nothing. Sorry.

Anyway, I'm going to make it up to you next week, where we're going to celebrate the one year anniversary of The Dashner Dude in style. I won't do long posts because of the deadline, but I'm going to do lots of them, and have giveaways, some of which will be signed books. I'm also going to do something interesting with THE MAZE RUNNER........

So stay tuned to find out. And join the party.

Have a great weekend.


Jewel Allen said...

Good for you. Have fun golfing!

The beauty of the next three weeks is you can do it FULL-TIME!

J.N. Future Author said...

i can not wait for the party! it will be so exciting! "something interesting with THE MAZE RUNNER"

oh, im crossing my fingers so much! you know why =P

jparker said...

I just had to sign up for Dash Dude. Can't wait for the golf. See ya in a couple of hours.

James Dashner said...

Parker, I expect tips today. I suck.

James Dashner said...

Pink, that is the beauty. I couldn't do it if I still had that pesky full time job.

JN, it just might've been your idea.

Dedee said...

Can't wait for next week!

Have fun golfing. My dh wishes he was with you.

Q said...

I am not touching that remote!

Why Not? Because I Said So! said...

Very curious about what you have planned with The Maze Runner. I will be checking back for sure.

Have fun golfing and I hope that someone helps you out on the course!(so you don't embarress yourself ;)