Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maze Runner Prepub Tour Day 3

Tuesday, 8:07 am:

I'm sitting in the San Francisco airport, waiting for my flight to Seattle. Two quick things:

1. My driver, Bob, was the coolest. He's 68 and gave me nuggets of wisdom the whole way. For example: the most dangerous time in our lives is not when we're hungry, poor, angry, or sad. It's the "meantime", when we are idle or bored. That's when bad things happen. Also, women have two powerful weapons over men. The first is, um, sex. The second is much more powerful: silence.

When I told him about my tour and such, he quoted Proverbs 18:16: A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men (and women of course!). Bob, you're awesome.

2. As soon as I logged into the Internet here in the airport, I had a gem of an email waiting for me.

Krista sent me the cover for MAZE!!!!!!

However, I can't show it yet because it's not officially finalized. But I'll be showing it soon, probably by the end of the week. But I will say this: I LOVE it. Truly love it. I can't conceive of someone seeing it and NOT picking it up out of curiosity. I'm a happy dude.

Remember to tune in to this SAME blog post later today, where I will update it further. If you missed last night's very late update of my dinner, go read the previous post.

Tuesday, 4:31 pm:

I've had a fun day so far. Diane, my media escort from Xetera Media Services, picked me up at the airport and took me straight to my school visit at Washington Middle School. Diane is SO nice and fun to talk to. She also hosted Rick Riordan and Tamora Pierce this week, which is great company to be in!

About 25 seventh graders at the school had read MAZE, and boy did we have a lively discussion. I was really, really impressed with how smart these students are, and how in-depth their questions were. They grilled me and grilled me until I gave a couple things away from Book 2 that I shouldn't have!

Since I promised them, here are their names: Erasmus, Matthew, Katya, Jack, Mack, Ryan, Ellen, Ian, Aenea, Piper, William, Alice, Liz, Karin, Tristan, Annie, Justin, Mack #2, Graham, Dana, LinaRose, Sammy, Aisling, Matthew #2, and Patrick.

You guys are awesome and unbelievably smart! Pretty sure you're about ten years ahead of me on the old brains scale. A big thanks to their teacher Lisa Becerra and their librarian Laurie Amster-Burton as well. (Laurie's husband is a fellow client of Michael Bourret, Best Agent Ever!) Also Suzanne from the Secret Garden bookstore for setting all this up. Great people!

Diane gave me a little tour of Seattle then dropped me off at the hotel, then I went on a nice long walk and saw things like this:

The Seattle Museum of Art

The Seattle Public Library

Wish me luck at the dinner tonight. I may not post about it until tomorrow morning at the airport because my driver is picking me up at 4:30 am. Yeah, that's right. 4:30.


Deborah Talmadge said...

Take your vitamins. Get plenty of rest. Drink lots of water. Be sure to wash your hands frequently. Did I leave anything out? Oh... eat your vegetables.

The Scarlet Tart said...

Good old Bob! He does come up with some gems, doesn't he. :)

Magenta said...

I can't WAIT until you show us the cover for Maze!!! So cool!

Nice guy, Bob.

My word is Metch. It sounds like a pretty useful word, but I don't know what it should mean. I don't do this often, but I'll have to come back and think up a definition for it later.

L.T. Elliot said...

I like driver Bob. He's a great character. Wait...did you make him up?! Just kidding! Glad you're having a blast out there! =]

Unknown said...

Does the cover get the right message across? "Hey, this isn't a boy book, there's a girl in it too, and she's hot"? I remember that being a concern at Storymakers :-)

Dashnog: trudg. When you're walking through the mud and you get so stuck, you can't even make it to the end of your word.

J.N. Future Author said...

so, how did dinner go? did anyone slip anything to you during then? if so, I owe someone $20 ^.~

I can't wait to see the cover! I hope its better than the last! (in all truth, the last cover was not as amazing as I has hoped, but it was still cool!)

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Happy traveling! And congrats on loving the cover!

Anonymous said...

I read the second part of your post as well as today's. Can it get any better? (No, don't answer that.)

Have fun in Seattle. I have a question. I know it's rainy there, but is it as humid as Georgia? And are there as many freakin' mosquitos there as there are here?

numberonedashnerfan said...

first off kids read your post....second off your the best arthur ever.... I wish you could of tooken your closest fans ....my house is only 5 miles away from yours..I fell all stalkerish...sorry if im creaping you out...I wish i did.....how does this sound for a intro for the fashion show im having in school?

Attention Ladies!

How art thou? Looking for the
perfect gown to show off that
shows class, style, prosperity and
energy of the age? Well “Sigh no
more, ladies, sigh no more” Lady
Ambrosia Is wearing that perfect
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finest silk with an empire waist
lined with diamonds. Beautifully
matching scented gloves made of
silk, flat shoes, royal violet
mask lined with feathers, and a
garland made with only the finest
flowers complete the wardrobe.
This gown will cost you some 40
pounds. How ever when trying to
pull this off remember the
Sumptuary Laws. The penalties for
not doings so could cost you your
life. This gown is something you
could not be seen without owning
at least one.

....word dectaticess......tiki tiki

numberonedashnerfan said...

the I wish I did was saposta say I want to come kidnap you one day and take you to dinner or somthing......not well ya...tiki tiki

numberonedashnerfan said...

the not well ya is means not i hope im scaring you....tiki tiki

James Dashner said...

nkrell, I have no idea. Today was absolutely perfect, my first time here. Those are definitely 2 things I do NOT miss about Georgia.

Thanks everybody for hanging out on the Dashner Dude! We're getting a lot of new visitors this week.

Unknown said...

I saw a Graham in that list of names! Woot woot!

nubmeronedashnerfan said...

james are you ignoring me?....tiki tiki

numberonedashnerfan said...

I created a blog finally....

Danyelle Ferguson said...

James, my man! Have you seen the new DB flyer and the section for Dark Infinity? Dude - they published my comment as a blurb for your book! How totally AWESOME is that?

Glad to hear you're having a blast on your pre-pub tour for Maze Runner. I'm enjoying your updates! I need to arrange an interview with you for my Dark Infinity give-away. I'll email you. Hope you can work me into your crazy schedule. :)

KitKat said...

That's way cool. Good for you for seeing the Hammer man, he's deffinately one o' a kind. It kinda makes me sad your in the same state as me, yet I'm not able to see you (I'll never look at S.A.M the same way again). You chose a good day to come the land of rain because today it didn't rain! Miracle! Or maybe you brought the no rain with you...hmmmm. It doesn't really matter. I'll answer nkrells question seeing as I've lived here since I was born (fourteen long, rainy years). ANYWAY, it never gets way humid here, not even in late August. It's always rain, rain, rain, rain and more rain (bet you didn't see that coming!) To get back to the topic at hand, have fun traveling at 4:30 in the morning! Not that this will be surprising, but I do not envy you...

LinaToes said...

Hey... you did mention us!!! YAY! I thought you were going to go back on your word... I should give you more credit... We ALL want to thank you for making us feel special!!

my word:
bionsce (n.)
the study of Living bionicles

James Dashner said...

#1, you know I love ya! Just tryin' to spread the love....

KitKat, sorry to miss you! But the good news is that I'm definitely coming back to Seattle for the release tour. See ya in October...

LinaRose! I'm glad you found your way here. Tell your class I said howdy and I'll never forget how you guys made me feel like my book has a decent chance.

Danyelle, that's really awesome! I'm honored.

Rest of you, I'll tell you about the dinner tomorrow morning. But, in a word: AWESOME.

The Scarlet Tart said...

Ummm, I think I just missed you. Tut tut! Giving away secrets! Very naughty of you.

I don't need to read your post tomorrow morning about dinner because I'm sure it'll go something like this:

"My driver so-and-so picked me up in a stretch limo and took me to the most amazing restaurant EVER. I was wined and dined by the most important literary society in the city of Seattle after which they all agreed that I am (cough) the coolest person they've ever met." *polishes his newly manicured nails on his shirt*

But seriously, I only wish I could've been there. (I love good food).

Karen Pellett said...

If you get a chance try to go to Pike's Place Market. It is a fabulous place for people watching, fish tossing, and so much more. I'm sure you can some great ideas for future characters for your books. Oh and don't forget to try the fresh mini-donuts. YUMMY!!!!

Oh and by the by, I hear your going to be at the Provo Children's Book Festival this weekend. Will you be back in time from your prepub tour? If so can I convince you to sign one of your books for a book giveaway on fabulousreads.blogspot.com (I promise to buy the book first). We're having a giveaway this week for The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan and I would love to promote your books as well with a giveaway.

Have a blast in Seattle!

Dashnog - paterart - a tart made of pate (not sure if its tasty though).

DMKG said...

heyy! im from ms. becerras class too! Thanks so much for comming :)
my word is hopiftsh. I think that this is when you are super excited and like hopping all over the place and people look at you and think you're a spaz.

Anonymous said...

Your the bestest person I've ever met in my whole entire life. You told us to leave a comment extoling your wondefulness at WMS and here it is! Back to the point... You are the bestest, funniest, wonderfuless, smartests, etc... Thats as many positive adjectives I can ever think of now.

P.S. Is there a way to email you?

James Dashner said...

Thanks for commenting, my new awesome friends from WMS!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hey, I am from Ms Becerra's class! It was so much fun to meet you! I loved the Maze Runner, and I am definitely going to read The Thirteenth Reality as soon as I can get them! (Haha, it took me a week just to figure out how to post a comment on here! =P) You did mention us! Awesome! Wait a second...You didn't mention me! I feel so left out...=(

My word: grike (adj.) someone who complains a lot, like Grumpy from Snow White. =)

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