Friday, September 11, 2009

Maze Runner Website

Holy crap! I know I just posted a blog this morning, but you guys gotta go check out the official website. It just launched:

Be sure and go to the "join the discussion" link because they're giving away 5 ARCs. Also, they have the entire tour date schedule up.

And you HAVE to play the online game. It's amazing!

Wow, I am just blown away. THANK YOU RANDOM HOUSE!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Melinda said...

Online game "Amazing" hahaha good pun.

The website is pretty cool. And you don't even look that nerdy in the video!

Anna said...

James, I'm getting really pumped about reading Maze Runner. So exciting! And I liked watching your Q and A vid on your new website. That was awesome. Can't wait to read it! I'm disappointed that I haven't on an ARC anywhere.

Silly Smilie said...

So cool! I like the game, not very good at it though.

Jessica (BookLover) said...

Very Cool! I'm on my way. :)

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Looks awesome!!!

Eva Sorensen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Diva Donna said...

Dashnog= yautdam- An expletive to be used after an hour of trying to get passed level 2 of the maze runner game. YAUTDAM!

I officially hate that game...just so you know. Stupid way that was an entire day and what's up with never given me the fleet feet until just before the gonging tone and the giant FAILURE! flashing on my screen? I could so use a friendlier game today.

Congrats on the site anyway.

Joanna said...

The site is so fun and it is making me so excited for the book to come out!

Graham Chops said...

The game was fun, but I haven't passed the fifth level yet. I had to get back to work :-)

Props James!

LouMac said...

haha! Nice Diva! I should really check out that game then.

Dashnog: dingsts-Instead of using words like Crap! Darn! Shoot!, etc. you can use Dingsts! instead...

Usage: Connor dropped his book and piped the word, "Dingsts!" softly, but loud enough for me to hear.

Frank Cole said...

I would totally die in the maze. I tried and I died. I can't find my way around Utah and I'm not even being chased by weird monsters. Unless you count that one dude that plays the air guitar out in front of Lil' Caesars on 54th.

Magenta said...

That Maze website of yours is really cool, Dude! But I haven't gotten past level 5 yet either. =P Good luck on #2, Donna. It sure is hard.

Magenta said...

Hee-hee hee-hee-hee!

You probably won't believe it, but in a short while I've gotten all the way up to level nine. It's a pretty addictive game, let me tell ya!

Just like the book itself!!!

But I don't think I'll have any reason to play it after I finish all the levels, which around now seems like a definite possibility. Even though it's fun to play, It's pretty tiring. I'll be half-glad/ half sad to finish it.

James, do you have any idea who programmed this game? It's awesome!

Dave said...

I want a site that's as cool as that! Too late to start playing the game now, ill be up all night. Saving it fo first thing tomorow. Goal for wake up is to have it done by sundown! Sweet site Dash!

Dave said...

i got suckered into playing and i cant stop! Dash, have you be at this yet?

Dave said...

sorry, had to come back...just completed all 10..took second place..darn. thats ok, ill be back tomorrow since it 4:20am. cool game Dash.

nkrell said...

So, the website is awesome! Congrats on all of the foreign sales as well!

I missed the contest!!! Aaaggghh! I go out of town for three days and I lose my chance to get my hands on an ARC. Where is the justice in the world?

Anonymous said...

For the record, the game is totally addicting. I might have to block the computer from accessing the website...nothing else is getting done around here.

John Ferguson said...


Cool site. They did a great job.

And just to show all the new Dashner fans that the old ones still have some chops. I played the game...and got first place. Yep, that's me, "JF".

I also read the first chapters and I'm very excited to get my hands on the rest. Awesome story!

Laura said...

Okay, I have to tell you, I'm a little worried. I caught my husband playing the Maze Runner game on his computer. "But I made it to the next level. I think I have faster shoes now."

There is a distinct possibility that he may be becoming addicted to your Maze game. Whatever will I do?

L.T. Elliot said...

Pretty sweet digs, Dashman. Way to go!

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Anonymous said...

The book is really inspiring to me .I Love the scorch trials and curious to read more.Especcially about Teresa and Thomas.Why is WICKED good?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read the next book~!
The Maze Runner & The Scorch Trials were both so epic. I was at the edge of my seat especially at the end of the Scorch Trials.

I love the drama with Thomas x Teresa. ;D Although I hope it all works out in the end... =D

& the website looks AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

your amazing luv the book...its so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The perfect song for The Maze Runner 1

NxZero - Não é normal.

Por que toda vez que você sai
Parte de mim também se vai
Isso não é normal
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Tem que confiar em mim
Mais uma vez, sei que errei
Não jogue fora, algo assim tão bom
Prometo que essa é a última promessa
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Nem tudo que acaba tem final
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Isso não é normal


Sydney James said...

I know this sounds like I'm a stalker but does anyone know James Dashner's address? I'm writing a business letter in school and he is the person i chose to write to.

John Waverly said...


You can reach most authors by writing to their publisher. For James it would look something like this:

James Dasher
c/o Random House, Inc.
1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

You may want to double-check that address, but I think that's the one. I hope you do well on your letter.

Anonymous said...

If there is a movie, and it seems like there is to be one, Jordan Rodrigues should play Mihno..pass it on