Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Death Cure cover

I present to you the amazingly awesome combined talents of artist Philip Straub and the Random House CB design team (click on the picture below to see it nice and big). I want EVERYONE to tell me what they think in the comments.

Here is my opinion: I love it!!! It's easily my favorite of the three books, and I loved all of them (hence the three exclamation marks).

Now, what do you think? I've also included the nifty 3D version for your viewing pleasure (no glasses needed).

Please spread the word and link all your friends and family to come and have a look. Also, you can now preorder it at your preferred location: CLICK HERE. This is the third and final book of The Maze Runner trilogy and will be available on October 11th.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Three Days.... And a Story

Just making sure that everyone knows we'll be revealing the cover for THE DEATH CURE in three days. On Thursday, the 28th, at 7:00 am EST.

Any predictions on what the cover art may look like?

See you then......

EDIT: Oh, and also, Shannon Hale is hosting an event today where a bunch of authors share an embarrassing or humiliating experience at an event. CLICK HERE.

Here's mine:

I'll never forget one of my very first booksignings. It was my first book, A Door in the Woods, which was done with a small indie publisher. I had grand expectations, of course. I mean, I was a freaking published AUTHOR now!

It was the first of many, many signings which taught me that I wasn't all that, or even close to it. In fact, I was pretty much none of that. I sold one book. I basically accosted this person, begging them to take a look at my newest bestest book. It was a pity sale, no doubt.

One lady asked me where the bathroom is. Another asked me where the cookbooks are. One of the employees stood about five feet from me at one point and kept trying to sell ANOTHER AUTHOR'S BOOK to people as they walked by. I watched as many people studiously examined the store for a way to walk by me without possibility of being engaged in conversation. You would've thought I had leprosy.

I felt about 2 inches tall when it was over. And I swore to always buy a book if I ever saw someone else in the same predicament! Which is why I own some very.... odd books. But they're signed!

See you Thursday.....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awards, Movies, Events, Announcement

Hey guys! I have a few things to tell you about. You'll wanna make sure you make it all the way to #10.

1. I'm very honored that my book, The Maze Runner, just won the 2011 Kentucky Bluegrass Award for grades 9-12. I especially love this because it was voted on by the actual students. That means more than anything. Thanks, Kentucky!

2. For all you movie and Hunger Games fans, I did a guest blog today for the website, It's my thoughts on five kinda obscure but awesome films you can watch while you wait: CLICK HERE.

3. Looking for a good book while you wait, too? Check out the latest from my good friend Frank Cole. It's called "The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter" and anyone who likes fantasy, adventure, and humor will enjoy it. CLICK HERE.

4. I know this drives my readers who don't live in Utah crazy, but I have another big event coming up here. (Don't worry, I'll be heading all over the country here and there throughout the year, especially when Book 3 comes out in October.) This one will be in Logan, UT, at the main library, at 6:00 pm, on April 22.

Oh, and it's not just me. Some other little authors you may have heard of: Shannon Hale, Ally Condie, Brandon Mull, Jessica Day George and the illustrator Nathan Hale. Lots of NYT Bestselling authors on that there list. And one Newbery Honor winner. And one guy who's owed me dinner for over a year (Initials BM, which also happens to stand for bowel movement).

5. Other upcoming events: TLA in Austin, TX (April 13-14), Signing at The King's English in SLC (May 4, 5:00 pm), Storymakers Conference in SLC (May 6-7), Battle of the Books in St. Louis (May 10), and Book Expo America in NYC (May 24-26). I sure hope to see a lot of you!

6. I just noticed this a little after the fact, but I wanted to thank all the fans who voted for me as one of their favorite Random House authors. Quite the group! CLICK HERE.

7. You guys really need to "Like" the official Facebook page for the Maze Runner trilogy. There is some really cool stuff on there. Check out the recent youtube videos with dreamcasts for the movies, done by Shay Cohen. CLICK HERE. And friend me if you haven't yet, too.

8. Following me on twitter yet? No?!?!? Do: CLICK HERE.

9. You all need to see the movie, Insidious. Unless you're scared of haunted houses, demons, or faces of creepy old ladies reflected back at you in the window. I loved the music in this film. I also really liked The Source Code and Limitless recently.

10. Announcement: we will officially be revealing the cover for The Death Cure (coming October 11) on Thursday, April 28th, first thing in the morning. That's three weeks from today! You guys are gonna LOVE it.

Oh, and thanks again, Kentucky.