Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ode to the Atlanta Hawks

They must feel sad, those Atlanta Hawks,

As they take off their shorts and their sweaty socks.

Until this morning you floated in Heaven,

Having pushed the Celts to a hard Game Seven.

But alas, today you ran out of gas,

Forgot how to shoot, to steal, and to pass.

But that's okay, you still shocked the world,

Took their predictions and gave it a twirl.

After Game Two, you looked to be dead,

The Big Three'd smacked you right in the head.

You came back, won Games Three and Four,

Kicked them Clovers right out the door.

Game Five, that was ugly, no doubt about that,

But you won Game Six, looked happy and fat.

Then came today, which I'd soon just forget,

That stupid ball wouldn't go through the net.

But don't get down, don't do it I say!

No one thought you'd be here today.

They all said you'd lose in four games or five,

You didn't, you played, you stayed quite alive.

So be proud, boys, keep those heads up.

Go home and rest and drink and sup.

Cuz next year's a-comin' and it's comin' soon,

You'll still be playing when the clock hits June.

I've been a fan since my very first Day,

So thanks, that's all I wanted to say.

Well, they almost shocked the world. It would've been the biggest upset in NBA history (the Celtics won 29 more games than the Hawks this year). Next year, baby!!!!!!!

And yes, I DID turn in my manuscript to my editor on Friday. Another deadline met on time. Yabba dabba.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Lyrics of the Day:

Another one bites the dust.
- Queen


Dedee said...

That, my friend, was brilliant. I'm sorry they didn't win. I was rooting for them. I just want someone to take the Celtics out. :) My husband loved it!

Luisa Perkins said...

Jamesie, I'm so sorry. I have to say, though: I hope your baseball team also tanks. (But let's not let that Mets/Braves thing come between us.)

Unknown said...

Did you write that poem, James! Wow! Hats off to you, Dashner Dude--your talents are never ending.

James Dashner said...

Well, I did write it, and thought it was rather rough because I only had 20 minutes to do it. So thanks for the nice words!

Luisa, that's a deal. But the only team I hate worse than the Mets is the Yankees.

Anonymous said...

Commiserations, James. Though, come on, the Hawks are on the NBA map for next season now. For the last decade practically they've been a really tall rec-league team. Did you ever watch any of their games when they had all of three people in the stands? That building was crazy in game 6. Who knows, maybe you and other Hawks fans have finally been delivered from the wilderness.

Good luck with book two, though you seemed very confident in it last time we spoke. Good luck anyway. And no offense, but I'll take your prose over your poetry any day.

Anonymous said...

When the ladies from SCRaWL took you out to lunch at Applebees you asked me when I was going to submit.
Well I polished it and edited it and wrote a coverletter, a synopsis and answered an author questionaire and I have sent "dominion Day" to Kirk Shaw at Covenant.
It is your fault I did this! Just kidding, thanks for the nudge, I needed it.

Irish said...

The Celtics yes I did have a good weekend. Thanks for asking. =)

Better luck next year.

Anonymous said...

nice poem and lyrics:)

Crystal Liechty said...

haha, that was the worst poem ever. Just kidding, JD. Don't want your head getting too big.

Scoops Mangum said...


Lisa is reading book two of 13th Reality and really liking it. Please email me privately, so we can discuss payment options. "Payment for what?" you ask? Payments for me to not post spoilers all over the internet. Muwahahaha! BTW, I don't bribe cheap.

J Scott Savage said...

Gotta admit it was fun to read a poem by you that didn't have to be deciphered to figure out the next clue. Just finished reading your ms. Very, very, good.

J.N. Future Author said...

uh, lets just say, ill kill for the spoilers! ^,^