Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Randomness, BEA, L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

What's up, people? Nice to see you today.

First off, my response to the friends who made snide remarks about me being the Queen of Children's Literature. Listen to me. If you're about to conquer England with a raving army of stinky axe-wielding barbarians, and England is ruled by a Queen, and you are a man, would it not be correct to say you are going to dethrone the Queen, and reasonably intelligent people would then assume that when you take over, you will be called King Dashner?

Thank you.

Thanks for all the nice remarks about my new agent. Yeah, he's a stud. I just got off the phone with him, and I'm very excited for next week, when he'll be sending out the proposal for THE MAZE RUNNER.

But before that, I'm going to Book Expo America tomorrow! I seriously can't wait - I'm more excited than I've been in a very long time. My publisher thinks I'm whackers for being so giddy - all they feel is stress right now. Better them than me, right?

Just like I did with the Change the World Tour, I'm going to give a report every night of when I'm in Los Angeles, starting tomorrow night. I don't really know what to expect, but I plan on making the most of the weekend.

Not sure what the details are, but I think I'm attending the breakfast with Judy Blume, Neil Gaiman, Sherman Alexie, and Eoin Colfer. I don't know if this means I get to meet them or see them from a couple miles away while I munch on crispy bacon. I'll let you know.

And how surreal is this: during my signing (TABLE 12, FRIDAY AT 11:00 AM), other people like Judy Blume, Rick Riordan, Brooke Shields, and George Hamilton are signing as well. Not sure how Zorro slipped in there (does anyone else remember that movie?) - I reckon he's the latest to write his memoirs.

I really hope that somehow, someway I can meet Mr. Riordan and Mrs. Blume. (Brooke will probably ask me out for drinks, but I'll be too busy schmoozing Rick and Judy.) I'm assuming that I actually won't have a chance to talk to these guys, but who knows?

The ultimate may come on Sunday, when I hope to meet Dean Koontz, who has influened my own writing in many ways. I will make it happen!

Anyway, stay tuned for all the details.

Last weekend I was at the Salt Lake City fantasy and science fiction convention (Conduit). I served on many great panels with many great people like Julie Wright, Eric James Stone, Brandon Sanderson, Jessica Day George, Michael Stackpole, L.E. Modesitt Jr. and others. Lots of fun, and lots of costumes that frightened me to no end. (I think my jeans and polo shirt were unacceptable attire.)

And now, for the bragging I promised to do all weekend. Please prepare yourself for what I'm about to say. You may want to sit down.

I found out that my blog, this blog, The Dashner Dude itself, is listed in "Favorites" on the computer of the one and only L.E. Modesitt, Jr. Yeah, that's right.

Talk to ya tomorrow night. As my friends at Conduit would say, live long and prosper.

Lyrics of the Day:

Time is a train
Makes the future the past
Leaves you standing in the station
Your face pressed up against the glass
- U2


Melinda said...

Wow. BEA sounds amazing. I am so excited for you. Be sure to take your camera and get some pics with all those famous authors.

Good luck on Maze Runner.

PS-I think you took the Queen thing a little hard. We were only joking. :-)We know your not a sissy.

James Dashner said...

Melinda, I knew you were joking, as was I. Actually, I am kind of a sissy. I hate mice.

Dude. Camera. I can't forget!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Cool. I totally want to know if you meet Judy Blume. I loved reading her books when I was growing up. My first grader now reads them (the very same books from my childhood book shelves!) Have a fab time.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for a bidding war on The Maze Runner.

Oh, and as long as you're in the vicinity of Neil Gaiman and Rick Riordan, find a way to touch them, even if it's just a handshake. I've heard that Karma is really sticky, and those two have your brand, and they have it to spare.

Suey said...

Can't wait to hear all about it! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get to actually TALK to them all!

Julie Wright said...

James, I'll have you know I'm on Lee's favorites list before you! :) Have fun this week. Tell Rick I worship him and would you buy his books and have them signed to Merrik Wright for me? I will pay you when you come home, and no this request is not a joke. Merrik's birthday is coming up and he will love me forever if I do this for him-- or have you do this for him I should say . . . Have fun kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Sherman Alexie?!? I just finished his latest YA book at it was amazing. The others are great too. Have fun hobnobbing with the stars. I look forward to reading your reports!

LaFemmeSimple said...

oh man...Judy Blume. She defined my life before Babysitter's Club came along lol.

Have fun bro! See you next week!! Squee!!

James Dashner said...

Clint, if I get a bidding war, I'm giving you your choice of any 2 items on the value menu at Taco Bell, my treat. No, make that three.

Sis, I'll tell Judy you said hello, har har. Can't wait til next week in Georgia!

Jules, for some reason I don't see that happenin' but we'll see. Plus, my kid gets priority! :-)

Don said...

Jeans and a polo to a Con? Man, you really are a rebel!

Cherry said...

Eight-year-old Zoe says "Thanks for the book at Conduit."

And, thanks from me too. It was fun to see her so thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Judy Blume!! I had ALL of her books when i was little! I loved them! I'm so jealous! =) Can't wait to see ya next week!!


Marz said...

Ha Marz is saying thanks for the book at CON too! My mom and I are reading it and are about 1/3 of the way through it. I love it!