Thursday, July 10, 2008

Screaming Deal on my Book

Okay, people, it's not like I hate feet THAT much (see previous post and comments). I mean, if a foot is pretty or handsome, I like it. But unfortunately, most people have ugly feet. Or, they missed the lesson in school that taught us to wash our feet and cut our toenails.

Ha Ha. Alright, enough on the feet stuff. Really.

And I'm actually enjoying this summer very much. It's just that whole 100 degree thing. That just ain't right. I mean, when it's cold, at least I can put on a big thick jacket. When it's hot, I can't very well run around naked with bags of ice taped to my person. Nor would anyone want to see that.

Now, moving on (thankfully) to an interesting thing.

A couple of days ago, I noticed my book, THE 13TH REALITY, was on sale for 50% off at all the Deseret Book stores, which are owned by my publisher. For those of you not good at math, THAT'S HALF OFF. In other words, a nice 400 page book with illustrations for 9 bucks.

At first, this gave me a major punch in the gut, because you usually don't see something like that unless the publisher has given up and declared your book a loser. And mine had only been out for 4 months. I was kinda devastated and called Chris to whine and groan and weep.

Turns out I was pretty much an idiot. It's a short term offer, just this month, as part of their big summer sale. Then it's back up to normal price. They said they're trying to accomplish several things: take advantage of the buzz on 13th Reality and get people to the stores during a normally slow time, hoping they'll buy other things as well. Also, they want to do everything possible to build momentum in anticipation of Book 2's release in March 2009.

All of which I thought was very interesting and comforting. Considering I'm going on a 2 month promotional tour this fall, it wouldn't make sense for them to bargain-table my book already. Duh. I'm much relieved.

Oh, I didn't tell you about my 2 month promotional tour this fall? More of the Change the World tour? Silly me. I'll do that next time.

Meanwhile, dudes and dudettes, you might wanna take advantage of this sale. Nine bucks? That's cheaper than I can buy it with my author discount!

Anyway, it's available online during the sale as well: CLICK HERE.


Suzy - Q said...

that picture's just disgusting!

When are you gonna learn that your book really IS THAT GOOD!! Of course those are the reasons for it being on sale and not because it's not good.
Stop being so paranoid! :) Geez.

You can tell me the same thing when I'm in your place, cuz I'm sure I'll be just as whiny. If not more so. :)

J.N. Future Author said...

ok, that picture is GROSS! where DO you get all of these pictures!?!?

Hmmm, im pretty sure it was depressing to see all of your hard work was worth only $8 and a handful of cents. but i know alot of people that have read your book and love it! (im included in the die-hard fan category)

Anonymous said...

James, I'm laughing, because Chris and DB did the same thing with my book Yearbook last summer (and I also freaked out and called them). Chris told me they were "seeding the market" for my second book. And it worked great. Lots of people bought the first one at the discounted price, and then they bought the sequel when it came out. So don't worry!

Tamra Norton said...

Yeah, yeah, backtrack all you want, Dashner. We know the real you...

As for the promotional sale, I'd bet DB has a mountain of your books piled right up front near the register. What parent can resist the combination of a "recommendeded summer reading" sign, and a "half off" sticker? Whining child not even necessary. The kid gets the book!

And you'd better be coming to Houston, although I'll warn you, we wear sandals year round here.

James Dashner said...

Suzy, now that's just too nice. Thanks.

JN, if you think that's gross, you should've seen the ones I almost used.

Ally, that's funny. I appreciate you telling me that!

Tamra, you're not aware of this yet, but you and Houston are ON THE LIST. Email me when you can.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

But I already bought it!

I want my nine bucks back.

Q said...

Where is your tour schedule?

Anonymous said...

James, sometime, could you post on how you try to still have a normal family life when you are on a book tour? Or maybe not? (Okay, so maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but I recently talked to my husband and he said I can be a "successful author" so long as we can still have a normal family life. I laughed because if he thinks there's such a thing as "normal" living with a writer...).

That's a cool subscribe-thingy on the right column on your blog. How do you get that?

Did you ever get my daughter's fan mail? (hint, hint)

Rachelle Christensen said...

Cool Beans! I'm glad it's not because you're headed for the baragin bin, but we have more confidence in you than that!
Come to my blog today to see the next stop of the Farworld blog tour--one of your fellow SM writers. :)

Heather Moore said...

Yeah, my first book went 50% off and I actually bought a whole bunch of them because it was cheaper than I could buy them directly from the publisher. Then when the "next book" came out, they were back to normal price. Just marketing, I guess. Although, I didn't call my publisher and cry about it like you did :) lol

JennyKay said...

good job Jamie,

just heard you're off to be a full-time writer-good luck

J.W. an old Welfare Friend

James Dashner said...

Thanks, JW! Those were the good ole days, for sure.

Q, the schedule isn't set yet. Stay tuned. But usually, you can see my full schedule at

Pinkink, I'm not sure if I got it or not. What's her name?

Danyelle Ferguson said...

James - A two month tour? Awesome! I hope you'll be coming to Kansas. :) Let me know if you're going to be anywhere within a four hour drive of Kansas City. We'll take a day off work and come see you.

Jewel Allen said...

Antonio: Pink Ink, Jr.

(I just sent you an email)

Q said...

Okay, that is a pretty pathetic "full schedule". Come on. I'm sure you don't have ANYTHING better to do than respond to the whims of one of your readers.

Anonymous said...

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