Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boohoo, Vacation Over

Dang. How does 2 weeks go by so fast? Tomorrow we head back to the mountains, leaving the trees and hills of Georgia behind. Wow, that was poetic. For me anyway.

We had good times. Well, except for the fact that every single person in my mom's house got sick. Yeah, that was fun. It was one of those nasty cold thingies that just won't go away. I'm finally feeling pretty good today.

Highlights: Seeing family, going to the Coca Cola museum, going to the Etowah Indian Mounds, seeing James Bond, seeing the Lake Lanier Lights, eating food, watching the Falcons win 2 more games, beating my sister-in-law Paige in 3 separate games. But mostly spending time with my mom and the rest of the family. Did I mention food?

Lowlights: Using 246 boxes of Kleenex, 38 bags of cough drops, and watching the stupid yellow jackets beat the mighty Bulldawgs. Oh, the horror.

I should be hearing back from my editor any day on what she thought of the rewrites for MAZE. I'm nervous about it. Very. I'll let you know what she says.

This Thursday night is the big annual Christmas party at The King's English bookstore in Salt Lake City. A lot of wicked cool (my son's been saying that lately--it's very annoying) authors will be there, including, ahem, me. Okay, Shannon Hale will be there, too. Come see us!

I'm excited for the next 3 months. Not a lot of school visits, not a lot of travel. Just plain old, good-fashioned book writing. I also plan to answer a lot of these emails that are stacked up! So stay tuned and don't give up on me......

Hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving. May the upcoming holidays be filled with lots of joy, food, and Falcons wins. Check back here often in December--I'm gonna be in the blogging mood.


L.T. Elliot said...

Welcome back James! Sorry you were sick over the holidays but glad to hear you're feeling better.

Thanks for telling us about the Christmas party @ the bookstore this Thursday. It's awesome that you let us stalker-fans know where you'll be. ;) Just kidding. Seriously.

Happy Holidays

J.N. Future Author said...

I hope your in a blogging mood! I check here at least once a day! ^.^

Sorry you were sick! my 2 little brothers were not feeling so hot of the weekend either.

"I also plan to answer a lot of these emails that are stacked up!" I know at least one of those will be from me - hehe

Thursday night. hmm, i wonder if i'll be able to show up. If i do, iv got something cool to show you! Its something you probably never expected to show up again! I can tell you I didnt expect it when i found it! I'll tell the story if I show up

Tamra Norton said...

You forgot to mention that you're one year older now too. But are you one year wiser as well? Now that's the real question! :)

J.N. Future Author said...


James Dashner said...

Yes indeed. I'm now an old man. 36. Old as dirt. And not much wiser.

Q said...

Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional.

I'm still hoping my email did not get lost in cyberspace. Looks like I will know soon!

LouMac said...

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? EAt lots?

It stinks that you had a cold. I've had allergies a lot lately. It's been hectic. Very bad lately. My nose won't stop running. Well good luck on the Maze. I'm sure she'll LOVE it! Anything you write is really good.

Congratulations on beating your sister-in-law. (That is always hard!)

So you like the Falcons huh? I like the Cowboys.

Have the happiest holidays you can have, James!!!!!! (I mean it, Relax!)

LouMac said...

I hate it when you have to use that much Kleenex and cough drops. That cold must of been bad.Well, get better.

LouMac said...

My dad is ancient. He is 206!


He is actually 46. Well, Happy Birthday and many more to come.

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