Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Teens Read, Too

Couple of quick things:

First off, if you haven't checked out the website, teensreadtoo, you should. It's a really great resource. And especially, ahem, since they recently gave me such a glowing review! I thought I'd put a link on here and give them a shout out. Thanks, guys! CLICK HERE to read the review.

Also, sorry I forgot to announce this, but I will be at the LAYTON BARNES AND NOBLE tonight at 7:00. Come and see me! And, very important: the Thursday signing in Bountiful was cancelled a long time ago, but was left on the tour date list over at the13threality.com. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Ya know, I'm pretty proud of the reviews we've received for The 13th Reality. In fact, the only slightly negative review came from School Library Journal, and even that one was wasn't so bad. But to have such good ones from the Chicago Sun-Times, Kirkus, the Atlanta Journal and Consitution, the Salt Lake Tribune, the Columbia Tribune, etc., is very rewarding. And even more validating are reviews from sites like teensreadtoo and authors like Brandon Sanderson and Brandon Mull.

You can see some of those reviews if you go scrolling through my old blog posts.

I really don't mean to brag - my book is really a collective effort from a LOT of people. I'm just saying that I'm very proud and very pleased. But ultimately all that matters is what you, the reader, thinks. And if you're here, I'm guessing you liked it. So thanks!

I just heard about the governor of Illinois trying to sell the open senate seat. Yowza.


LexiconLuvr said...

You can take the high road but I'll be happy to brag it up for you! Your hard work has paid off and you deserve to be proud and excited about the excellent reviews!
Just imagine how great it will feel when Dark Infinity is officially released and it will BLOW YOUR MIND when Maze Runner catapults you to the top of the NYC BS list!
And though I'd love to brag of myself that I predicted it, it won't take precognition to see how successful your books are about to be. (Not that they aren't doing pretty awesome as it is.)

James Dashner said...

wow, Lexicon, that is very, very, very nice! Thank you so much - you made my day.

Summersfam said...

My son's 3rd grade class is reading 13th Reality. He was getting impatient with one chapter a day. So he took off on his own and is almost done. He has loved it. The other night I overheard him trying to talk his sisters into renaming their stuffed animals "Tick", "MG", etc. They were game until he got to Mothball, and they'd have none of that. Anyway, you have a fan in Idaho Falls!

Bobbi said...

Congrats on some more great reviews!

J.N. Future Author said...

People love your books - its just that simple.

I hope that the Maze Runner is a huge success! I will do everything in my power to spread the word!

I know for a fact 27 people that normally wouldn't buy a book will buy it because of how iv raved about it.

so all i have to do is figure out how to tell EVERYONE!

(out of total curiosity, after book 2 comes out, are you going to change your post picture to mimic book 2's cover? then will you keep it 13th, or Z'rnr?)

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited for you. I was reading 13th Reality at school and some of my students were asking about the book. We got quite the dialog going. Hopefully a few of them will go pick it up!

Congrats on the good review. I'm sure there are many more headed your way. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Cheryl said...

I'm not surprised at the reviews, James. I think I might have mentioned this before, but you've created a new world I had never heard of before (but perhaps I'm just not well-read enough?) and it totally works. I'm now patiently awaiting Book Three! Get on it! :)

Oh, and btw, you've probably already been down here, but make sure you let us all know the next time you're in Utah Valley. I need to get Book One (13th Reality) signed!

LouMac said...

I don't know if this means anything, but I've read a lot (I mean A LOT!!!) of books. I'm still a teen, but I read fast, and I LOVE to read!! And most of the books I read were awesome. Not yours though. Yours was FANTASTIC by far. Yours are pretty amazing. I LOVE rereading the 13th Reality and the Jimmy Fincher Saga!! They are probably the books I read most. I just love your books and great imagination.

Here's to your good reviews. May there be many more to come.
(seeing as I would give you five stars on every book you write!)

Well, good luck, and keep writing!!!

Anna said...


I was just thinking about something and I thought I would throw it out for discussion.

What, in your opinion draws the reader and the character most easily into the fantasy world that they are about to enter?
I've been thinking about that today....

for instance:

In Harry Potter, Harry starts getting letters, and owls show up at the Dursley's, and then Hagrid is the one that actually introduces him to it.

In Narnia, Lucy steps in and meets a Mr. Tumnus, a faun.

In E.T., Elliot is frightened by the little extra-terrestrial, and recognizes that whatever it is isn't normal, which prompts him to go looking for it.

In the Hobbit, Bilbo is visited by Gandalf, and then thirteen dwarves, and they sort of drag him in.

In the Lord of the Rings, it is again Gandalf but also the ring that forces Frodo to enter the great unknown.

What do you guys think? What is the best way to draw the character and the reader in? A creature/person from the place that you are trying to draw them into?
An object of special significance?

This comment would probably make a good blog post, it's so long. But seriously, what do you think?


Anna said...

Oh, BTW, looking forward the Book 2, James!