Monday, July 20, 2009

Led Van Dashnerallica

Man, seems just like yesterday I made a big deal about going below 100 days till THE MAZE RUNNER's release date. And now it's only 77 days. It's coming!

I had a great time in Georgia. One of the highlights was our jam session on Friday. Some background: my brother David was the lead singer for a metal band called Lazarus that became very popular in the DC area. They even got flown to London by a studio (and it all fell apart, which is a very long story, but it includes death by car and food poisoning.)

My brother Paul is excellent on the guitar. My nephew Matt is attending the Atlanta Institute of Music to become a sound engineer. He's also incredible on the drums and guitar. And me? My friend in high school had a full set of drums and I dinked around on them. Yeah, I was by far the least talented of the group.

Anyway, Matt was able to get the recording studio at his school for the day, and we jammed. David wrote the song, and it was awesome. I mostly sat back and watched, but I did play the drums for about an hour while my brothers messed around on their guitars. I loved every single second of it and I've already asked Santa for a drum set this Christmas.

Anyway, here are some pictures:


Laura said...

That sounds like fun. Drummer, writer, does the list of talents ever cease? Counting down to Maze Runner with you. Unfortunately, your release date is on my birthday, so it means I'm going to be really old when your book comes out.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

What? No You Tube clips? Tsk tsk...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kimberly.

James Dashner said...

Sorry. I need to join the next generation of technology. I'm gonna get that new fancy iPhone that films and downloads to youtube sometime soon.

Melinda said...

Hah! So you admit that an iphone is better than the one you have now?
And after all that ranting. tsk...tsk.


James Dashner said...

Huh? I said that? It must've been in a raging fit of jealousy. I totally want one now.

Melinda, can I have yours? Please?

Unknown said...

I'll jam with you, James...on Rock Band! My faux-drum talents are especially apparent on the Foo Fighter's Learn To Fly. :)

Magenta said...

Wow! It's incredible how fast the time flew! Just a little over two months?! All this hype for Maze Runner is just killing me!

Cool that you had fun jamming. What's your favorite band(s)? I love a whole range of music, from the Beatles to the Jonas Brothers. From James Taylor to Will Smith. From Chuck Berry to... Michael Jackson. Oops. Sorry. ~,~

My family is very musical too. My dad and his brother formed a band called the Beady Eye, because it was a play on the initials of their first names. B, D, and I. I think at one point they were also called the Dying Frog, because that's what my grandpa thought they sounded like. (Tee hee.)

My mom's family was musical too. Her parents were performers, and she and her sisters all learned to play an instrument really well. Mom plays the flute.

Me? I've learned chords on the guitar and tunes on the piano. And I enjoy playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band. But the best I can do is sing. Hey, your voice is the one instrument you always have with you! (Unless you have a frog in your throat, of course. ^,~)

Liked the pictures, but I can't tell where you are. Are you sitting on the computer with your back turned? Are you the second guy on the drums?

Melony said...

Looks like mega fun! I love inspires me. I can play the guitar, bass guitar, sing and play drums! Phew...all that and write a book!:) (did I mention these are all game controller instruments? Does that matter?)

L.T. Elliot said...

Wow. That's quite a set up there.

James Dashner said...

That's me in the bottom picture.

My fave bands? I like a little of everything, but my all time favorite is probably Led Zeppelin.

Tamra and Melony, I bet you rock on those fake drums. Or is that a bad pun?

Diva Donna said...

Hello, DUDERS and you too, Dashner.
Gotta say I love the comments on the last two posts. You have some nutty chalsions and such running around.

So glad you had a chance to hang out with your brothers. Someday I hope to be a famous writer and have time to sit around playing the drums (badly) while the world awaits the release of my ultra cool novel. You did mention that you played the drums badly didn't you? I thought I saw that in there
It's gotta be a stress reliever. Good luck with Santa. I hear that spouses get first right of refusal on all loud Christmas presents...I'm just saying check that fine print when you put in your requests this year.

Malks- to play an instrument with ill-placed enthusiasm causing others to cringe and run screaming.
Usage: Dashner malks on the drums. (Heheheh.)

Heather Moore said...

By the title I thought you'd sold foreign rights to the Led Zeppelin Fan Club.

J.N. Future Author said... going to let us hear what you made? ^.^

J.R. Johansson said...

Sweet pics! I played drums for the boys' show choir in high school... I admit, I was in it more for the company than the music. ;)

James Dashner said...

Hey, ask my brothers - I'm pretty good!