Friday, July 10, 2009

Midnight Train to Georgia

Well, now that we're all settled into our nice new house, I'm leaving for a week. Goin' home to Georgia for the Dashner Family Reunion (which is basically my immediate family and nephews and nieces - there aren't many Dashners in the world).

Since we won't be doing much but sitting around eating Doritos and making crass jokes, I hope to get some writing done and keep up with the bloggermeister. So stay tuned. Maybe I'll do some pictures.

By the way, The 13th Reality Book 3 is now about 55,000 words, for those of you scoring at home.

Also, I'll be posting some good news on Monday.

I'll need entertainment during my travels, so I'd like my faithful Dashner Duders to help me out. In the comments, tell us something odd or or unique about yourself. No limit on how many things. The more oddity, the merrier! (This is probably a bad time to do this, since everyone seems to vacation from blog commenting over the weekend. Oh well. If we don't get many, we'll continue it next week.)

I'll start: The old-timers already know this, but I refuse to watch movie previews. They ruin the movie every time. This takes a lot of effort and meticulous planning, but somehow I manage.

Have a great weekend!


LouMac said...

First to Comment!!!!!! Booyah!!!

LouMac said...

An odd thing about me is that I love the smell of the laundry, LINT! I also like the smell of dust...and rain...and such on...oh! and new books!!!!!!

Dashnog: unlim- like disgusting, but in a polite way...ya know?

That Diet Coke Lime is very unlim...

LouMac said...

Here's some odd trivia, by the way...

Did you know that America is the only country to have Braile on drive-in ATM's?????

We also go to McDonald's and order a Bigmac or something with Large Fries and a Large Diet Coke because we're trying to watch our weight!!!!!

hahahaha...just thought it was funny....

Dashnog: intartat- busy doing something quite the opposite of what you want them to do...

Jim was lounging around watching TV, which is intartat to what you wanted.

James Dashner said...

LouMac, I'm so relieved that you're as strange as I am!

Stephaleph said...

I'm afraid of balloons. If there's a party with balloons, I hang way back in a corner and leave ASAP. I'm also afraid of June bugs and being shocked.

Daron D. Fraley said...

James, I don't have a problem with watching movie previews because I am old enough now that by the time I actually see the movie, I don't remember anything about the preview anyway. You'll get there someday, and then movie previews won't bother you either. Everything in the world becomes new again!. Have fun in GA.

Laura said...

I don't like watching tv. There are a few exceptions, but not many. I hate commercials- tv or radio. I don't read the back cover of a book- kind of like the movie trailer-it gives too much away.

I love hot weather- it means I can wear flip flops. Both go against your nature- I know.

I love riding in airplanes, speaking in front of a crowd does not make me nervous, but I don't like reading out loud if everyone in the room is reading along with me. I always screw up.

I hate waiting rooms and doctor offices. Hate them. Even if I'm not there for myself.

But, I'm not afraid of needles and I can handle the sight of blood.

And yet I'm a total wimp when it comes to violence in movies and books. Can't watch it. I end up skipping over the words when I'm reading.

Okay. Have fun with my oddities.

Magenta said...

Wow, what a fun idea! Only the Dashner Dude could come up with something like this! ^,~

Hmm... but it is a toughie. I like a good challenge... I consider myself to be rather normal, but I guess that's by my standards.

I don't have any strange phobias. I love all animals. I'm not even afraid of the ones girls are normally scared of, like rats or frogs or spiders, or even cockroaches. (Though I'll admit, those are disgusting. >_<)

Just a few days ago I saved a bumble-bee from drowning in the ocean. I bet any other person would have swam swiftly in the other direction to avoid getting stung, but I scooped out the helpless thing and stayed perfectly still while it dried itself off. I like to think that when the bee finally flew off, it went to tell it's bee friends to always leave me alone, because I saved it.

Maybe I'll come up with something stranger than that later on, but I hope you enjoyed that story, Dude. ^,^

Great that you're back, LouMac, and keeping Dashnog alive! Not a lot of people do that anymore. Here's one: Greck. A word synonymous with "Bleh," "Disgusting," and "Eww!"
Usage: Cockroaches. Greck!

Anonymous said...

I'm on my way to the airport now to pick up my twin! She's coming to visit, too. Small world. When you're here, please let me know. I would love for my kids and hubby to meet you. I took them with me the other night to the other book signing (by the other author).

I won't let you be bored, I promise. Although in this heat, the only thing you can do is swim...which requires open-toed shoes...and a swimming suit. We all know how you feel about that.

Don't worry, I'll keep thinking.

L.T. Elliot said...

Have a great time in Georgia and give the DashMom extra loves!

Weird things...I don't think it's too weird but I read virtually every detail in a book. From the Library of Congress/Publication Page, to Dedication, Acknowledgements, Glossaries, etc. I just like knowing all the tid-bits. Acknowledgements and Dedications are my favorites though and always have been. That's the part of the book where I get to connect with the author on a personal level--why they did what they did, who motivated them, what inspires them, and who helped them acheive their dream. I just love those pages. =]

Another weird thing, I love maynoise and pickles on my hotdogs. No ketchup. I know. Weird.

Q said...

I can walk on the tops of my toes. (Method: I curl my toes under my feet and walk on the long, nail-less part of them.) I only do it on carpet, though, because hard floors hurt.

Anna said...

This is a fun idea, James!

An oddity, huh? Errrr...if there's a song playing anywhere, even if I don't know it, I nearly always lip sync. I think certain kinds of protein bars are almost as good as candy...I have one nearly every day, and I like the funny aftertaste, a lot.

Dashnog is fun, and I just thought up a new word:

Cockamesh: Something funny that nearly always makes you laugh and you like watching or hearing or reading over and over again.

Usage: "I'm gonna go watch this Youtube Cockamesh...."

Unknown said...

Every morning at work, right after we have our daily meeting/recap of the previous sales day, I always do a quick clap-and-fist-pump and say something to the effect of "THUNDERCATS ARE GOOOOOOOO!" so we can start the day on a good note.

I used to be a cheerleader. :-)

James Dashner said...

You guys are all wonderfully strange, which is strangely wonderful.

Cranberryfries said...

Love the immediate family reunions. They're perfect size for me. Have a great time in GA.

I'm like LT Elliot and read every detail in my books. Usually before I start the book so if there is a secret page at the end to help the reader out that an author refers to in the middle, I'm spoiled before I begin.

Weirdos Unite:
I sometimes eat plain potato chips with ketchup. They're essentially like french fries right?

I love to drive. (Is that weird or just ok?)

I don't enjoy chocolate chips. When I make chocolate chip cookies I leave out the chocolate chips.

I think the authors are just as intriguing as the books I read.

Love the 'whats odd about you game'.

Magenta said...

Hey, I'm back! Here to think up another funny thing about me, like I promised...

Wow, all your fans are weird! But in a good way! Funny quirks make for funny people, I say. I recently met a guy who said he was crazy about drinking Mountain Dew. Like, it was like coffee for him. He had a great sense of humor. ^,^

But that's not me, is it? Hmm... Well, I'm now totally into the old cartoon show, Animaniacs. Anyone who is a child of the Ninety's has probably heard of them. Yakko, Wakko and Dot are the funniest characters ever, so wacky!!! I am obsessed with them.

It's really funny scrolling down to comments after I watch a show of theirs on YouTube. Everyone loves them, and those who used to watch them as kids who are grown up now are all, "Oh, so THAT'S what the joke meant! The Warners are genius!".

Please, does anyone else know the Animaniacs? (Besides Rainy, she reintroduced them to me. ^,~) They are full of Cockamesh moments. Thanks Anna for that word.

Unknown said...

this is kinda hard to do, because I think of myself as normal... ok....
my "oddity" is that I get cold very easily, I sleep withe a big feather blanket all year round and during winter I add a wool army blanket to the stack, I get cold around 70 degrees and have to wear a jacket, and barely start sweating at 95 degrees(both Fahrenheit). My dad says I would freeze in a blast furnace.
I need to start thinking about the Dashnog words.

Anna said...

Magenta, I'm thrilled that you like my Dashnog word. I'll have to check out this Animaniacs...they sound so funny! And I am a child of the Nineties, I feel like I'm missing out. :D

Melony said...

Oh what fun --

I like to eat the edges of brownies more than the brownies themselves, I have been known to cut all around the crust and leave the whole middle...

I have 6 daughters. 6! GIRLS!

I don't like foods to touch on my plate. Like if, the baked beans touch the hamburger bun it's swimming with the fishies. Gag

I hate chapstick of any kind -- it gives me a weird tickly feeling in my throat. Unless my lips are snake skin scaled..I won't wear it.

I hate shoes, and socks even more. I know James - against all that's holy but..)

I met my husband on the internet when it was still stalkeresque and uncool to do so (12 years later, 6 kids and no restraining order, I'd say it's working for us)

I'm sure I'll think of more but that works for now.

Brian said...

Cool! I'm in Savannah, GA right now for a vacation too. Have fun!

Star2397 said...

One of the many odd things about me is that like love the tase of blood

James Dashner said...

Wow, you guys are truly strange. Maybe even psycho.


And we even have a bonafide vampire in our midst. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hey James! Have a great vacation!

I enjoy public speaking. I'm not shy at parties or in public, but if given the choice to hang out with a group of people or stay at home alone, I'd probably choose the latter. I love to be alone.

I can't handle scary movies. At all. I don't watch TV unless my husband has it on, and my library is the only sacred room in my home. I keep my books in uniform order: first by genre and then by author.

I may as well stamp DORK to my forehead, but hey, we're all friends here right?

Becky said...

I don't know how unique this is, I haven't met anyone else with this unique trait, but my uniqueness is that I am 25 and still have a BABY TOOTH with no expectation of it ever coming out until the rest of my teeth decide to fall out. Even then it might decide to hold out.

Dashnog: preize - gangster water, you know, what you have before gangster ice.

Give me some of that sweet preize, aight?

Dave said...

For those of you who dont know this, which if you are here, you probably do, James is a truly sincere guy who REALLY cares about his fans. Thanks James. :O) 55,000 words, huh? whats the goal?

Dave said...

weird huh?...i CAN NOT fall asleep without the hallway light on...not sure why but i cant (and yes, im a big boy and not afraid of the dark)

Definitely strange...I ALWAYS wear underwear under my bathing suit....has to be tightie whities too..keep a stash of em just for swimming..maybe swimming in the Jersey shore i need all the extra protection i can get?...thats gotta be kinda weird, no?

Another weird, annoying triait is when i buy a book or magazine, it has to be in 100% mint condition, not even a fingerprint on it..once i get it home and its mine, it doesnt matter what shape it ends up in, but it must be 100% perfect when i take it out of the store.

Diva Donna said...

Wow, I feel like I've been sooo out of it. Good luck with the reunion!
Oddities are my favorite. Every year my extended family gives oddity Christmas presents to each other. My Aunt started it like 20 years ago and now 37 people all gather at my Grandma's and half the room spills over with regular gifts and then there is the oddity box and it is usually spilling over too. I haven't made it back for a few years and that just makes me sad. I love the oddities. The year of the hats was a huge hit.

My personal oddity? Well it is top secret, but I guess we're all friends right...I like the smell of sweat. Only on a man and only if it is good old fashion out in the sun working and mixed with that earthy smell. Not the I-sat-on-the-couch-eating-burgers-in-100 degree-weather-and-now-I-smell-like-a-cow sweat. (That one is vomitous.) I hate the smell of death, rotting flesh reeks. I could never be a cop or a coraner. And Jasmine rice reeks too. Hate that.
Maybe the true oddity is that I know so much about what I like to smell and not smell.

Dashnog: Prinin v[prinn in]-to pick something off of or adjust other people's clothing while they are wearing it. (n. prininer)
Usage: Can't help prinin, I hate to see a tag sticking out.

Melony said...

James, what's your word count goal for 13th Reality 3? I/m sitting right at around 98,000 with about 3-4 chapters left to go...but my original goal was 80,000-85,000...whoops. i am sure in editing I will delete, delete, delete.

Anonymous said...

Another weird thing about me is that I love blood and body organs and guts and stuff like that. But the thing that makes me gag and puke is rotten bananas. How's that for weird!?!

Oh! And I love to read the books all the way through, but my mom always reads the last page of the book first and then starts to read it... It drives me insane!!!!!

I must have been adopted...

numberonedashnerfan said... lets see I have 3 different birth certificates(well technicly one valid one)....(one says I was born 1 day later than i really was and another the docter never signed).... I eat kasup but will not touch tomatos... the only chicken i will eat is dino nuggets.... I have had my braces on for over 1/3 of my life... I grew up with mountain dew in my baby bottle and it makes me tired when i drink it.... um in utah it is illegal not to drink milk..... if I were to buy a 3rd violin ( i already have 2 a nice one and a sucky one 2 take 2 school) And i put it in a paper bag to take it home and walked around with it in salt lake city utah I would get a fine because it is illgal to walk down the street carrying a violin in a paper bag in slc,ut.... in georgia No one may carry an ice cream cone in their back pocket if it is Sunday enless they want to get in trouble with the law.... in atlanta it is against the law to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or street lamp..... oh and james on your way back remeber in utah that birds have the right of way on all highways...tiki tiki

Sarah Anne said...

Odd thing? I will randomly pick up a book at the library even if I've never heard of it before (and sometimes without reading the title) just because the picture on it looks cool.

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

I own an dress made entirely out of duct tape. Oh wait, there's a bit of dental floss in it too.

Anonymous said...

my odittie is that i love ketchup, even without anything to put it on. i also love to go to school unlike most people who hate it. and i love the smell of rocks.

i'm a huge lds fan. i'm glad that they let our religion write books tothe public still. anyways whats the third book to 13 called just out of curiosity.

James Dashner said...

Wow. All I can say is wow.

I've been reading the comments to my family and we're enjoying it beyond measure.

You guys are WEIRD! (that's a compliment)

Chas Hathaway said...

I'm with you on the movie previews. I don't want to be told what is going to happen, even if it would get me excited to see it.

Besides, they are like spam when there are more than two before the movie that you paid to see.

- Chas

Anonymous said...
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