Thursday, December 20, 2007

ARCs, Website, Various

This will be a random post. I'll try really hard to say ten things that mean something.

First, did everyone who was supposed to get an ARC get one? If you don't have it by now, something must've gone wrong. Let me know.

Second, you'll want to check back right after Christmas. The official website for THE 13TH REALITY will be launching sometime next week. I'll let you know when it does.

Third, have you guys ever used Google Alert? It's pretty amazing. Basically it's like your own Internet personal secretary. If someone blogs about me or the new book, it sends me an email. Another great review popped up yesterday. Check it out: CLICK HERE

Fourth, have I ever told you guys how much I love cheese? I really, really like cheese.

Fifth, I will officially be the last person on the planet to get an iPod this Christmas. I'm getting the new 8 gig nano. Red. For the Georgia Bulldogs.

Sixth, traffic to this blog is really going to skyrocket when the book comes out. I'm trying to decide what the personality of this blog should be. I really want to help aspiring writers, but I also want to make it fun for my readers. Any suggestions?

Seventh, the college bowl season starts tonight. Plan accordingly.

Eighth, tomorrow my oldest child turns eight years old. I absolutely cannot believe that is possible. I have an eight-year-old. Wow.

Ninth, I'm a little sad that Peter Jackson isn't directing The Hobbit. He's the executive producer, but not the director. This makes me very sad, but I'm sure he won't let the yet-to-be-called director mess it up. PJ has prior committments to direct, and he doesn't want to make the fans wait any longer.

Tenth, and most importantly, I want to plug my sister's new website. She is an extremely gifted photographer, and her business is really starting to pick up in Atlanta. Please take a second and check it out: CLICK HERE

Well, until next time, then. Happy Holidays!


LaFemmeSimple said...

Thanks Bro :)

Still no ARC here, but you knew that.

Happy Birthday to Wesley! I can't believe he's going to be eight years old! When is his baptism?

Unknown said...

Thanks for linking to my review and commenting on it. You've definitely got me intrigued for book 2!

And I'll get to work on that book so you can read it someday. :)

Marcia Mickelson said...

I received my ARC. Thank you very much. I'm eager to read it. Good luck with everything. Thanks so much for the book.

Lauren said...

There is so much anticipation for your book to come out...up where I live. You should be proud. I can't wait to read it!

(Oh. And I don't have a new iPod either because I am the last person on this earth to get one.)

The whole family has planned to go to the BYU game on Saturday (or Friday?). We're huge college football watchers at my house. :D

Ron Simpson said...

I just finished the ARC of The 13th Reality. I enjoyed it. It was my first young adult novel read since I was a young adult.

As an aspriing writer myself, I can comment on you need for a personality of the blog. I am taking writing courses, my teacher is Mel Odom (a great author here in OKC) and he is helping me out. Some of the stuff he teaches is plotting, character development, editing and genres. What I always want to hear is the politics of getting a book published. What do you do once you get the book written??
I asked your publisher when it would be appropriate to post a review of your book on my and I have not heard back yet.

James Dashner said...

Alice, I feel your pain. It's so hard for us non-iPodders. Sorry to abandon you.

Ron, I look forward to your review. And I will take some good time to answer your question in one of my Q&A posts soon. In the meantime, you have to get this book: Writer's Market.

Thanks for stopping by.

Andy, keep writing!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have an IPOD either. And no plans to get one in the near future. By the time I get one they will probably have ones the size of a postage stamp that just magically sticks to wherever you want it and transmits wirelessly to headphones that actually fit in your ears. Then I'll be getting the old, clunky Ipod.
I like cheese too! And I would go with alternating blog posts - fun for readers and help for writers.

Rachelle Christensen said...

I love cheese too! I won an ipod from my company for being one of their top consultants over a year ago, neener-neener. I don't have a book published yet, so you can say neener-neener back if you want...And I'm almost done reading my ARC and it is AWESOME!
Oh and I really like the way you've been doing your blog so far. You are funny and provide great insights into the publishing/writing biz at the same time. Thanks!

Luisa Perkins said...

Nice review, you auld Bulldog, you!

Now I must go grieve over the Peter Jackson news.

Luisa Perkins said...

PS--Re the blog personality: just be yourself. You do a great job of mixing entertainment with inspiring book progress news and helpful hints. I hope it stays just the way it is.

James Dashner said...

Thanks, Luisa! Annette and I were just talking about you last night. It's so bizarre that somehow we became friends with this crazy gal who lives on the other side of the continent. The wonders of the Internet.