Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great Signing, Angie Wager

I just wanted to thank the many people who came out to the signing last night. We had at least 200 people show up, probably more. This was the first time Scott (J. Scott Savage, FARWORLD) and I did an event together, and we should do it again!

Thanks especially to the faithful Dashner Duders who came. I don't dare list everyone or I'll leave someone out! But you know who you are and it was great hangin' wid ya. I hope everyone enjoyed the rare pleasure of meeting my mom, aka Georgia Grandma. That was so much fun having her there.

And now, a special ode to Angie Wager, longtime CRM and friend.

Angie oh Angie my friend so dear,
You've been there for me year after year.
When I was a newbie and my writing stunk,
You whipped me and said, keep trying you punk!
When my first book at last came out,
From a tiny little pub without any clout,
You didn't judge and you didn't care,
You treated me like the best author out there.
You set up schools and signings galore!
Made me run around town till my feet got sore.
And lo and behold people bought my book!
Gave me courage and strength, a new outlook.
I tried harder, kept writing, never gave up.
And then my career took a major huge jump.
A full-time author, who woulda guessed?
You did, Ang, you're the freaking best.
My lifetime dream finally came true,
And I owe so much of this to you.

Ok, so I'm not a poet. But thanks, Angie. I will never, never, never forget what you've done to make my career happen. From that very first Jimmy Fincher book with the pitiful original cover to now. We've come a long way!!!


Diva Donna said...

#1 hehehe

Diva Donna said...

Lol Thanks to Arlene for telling me there was a new post.

The Scarlet Tart said...

Jerk face!

The Scarlet Tart said...

I expected pictures. Especially of Mom Dashner. How has your trip been so far? James better not be ignoring you. Wish I could've been there last night. It sounds like it was a blast. Donna is giving me an update as I type this. :)

James Dashner said...

Now, now, quit bickering.

If anyone took a picture, please email it to me. #1, I know you took one with my mom. I'll post it if you send it.

The Scarlet Tart said...

You should see us when we're together.

Angie said...

Seriously! Man you are one funny guy. You're forgiven...just remember the rope of illiteration :)


J.N. Future Author said...

I wish I could have been there! Oddly enough, I was at the Orem B&A! ^.^

I really really wish I could have meet your mom! That would have been tight!

I thought I was going to be hit by a car this morning when it suddenly swerved towards me ^.~ But it was Mrs. Savage! She said you all had a HUGE turnout! She also said I need to sign up for the writers conference. so I should do that pretty soon. I hope to see you at the Gala Dinner!

Magenta said...

This is probably a bad idea, because I hate to be the one fueling feuds, but...

Dashnog has 134 words now. Thanks to #1, who gave many orphaned words a home... er, definitions... he is in the lead with most invented Dashnog words, while Donna is in second. (This is the part where I'm afraid. Donna practically invented Dashnog, so things might explode or something now.)

Thanks Graham. I've noticed you've been turning out lots of good words lately.

My word: Flaemun. An ancient name for a goblin or a dragon or some other mythical creature that deals with fire.

LouMac said...

haha! I wanted to go last night. I was up north too! But I had to leave early because I got food poisoning. Yuuuuuuuuuck! That is noooo fun!!!!

Dashnog: sawantle- some kind of transportation. Something between a walk and a gallop.

Usage: Instead of walking, can you sawantle to the corner?

Magenta said...

BTW, I've also noticed recently that LouMac commented a couple times. I would very much like to know why she decided to make her blog private. Anyone have a clue? I miss her. Someone has to convince her to go public again.

Magenta said...

Whoa! What a coincidence! LouMac? Are you there? I mean it. I miss you!

Garrett Matthews said...

I really wanted to go. But, sadly, yesterday, I became sick. And I'm here, home from school for the same reason.

Diva Donna said...

Magenta, I have less than 100 dashnog words in the dictionary but I am more selective with them I guess. Plus there was that time when #1 had no space bar and I'm pretty sure I missed some of her words during that time. And yes the explosion is likely to begin. Not that I'm competitive or anything. (see earlier post from today;)

Way to go Dashner, perhaps Dan Wells has some poetry advice for you. Your poem makes a sweet point and any fan would be pleased to have such appreciation expressed so clearly. Angie, should we call you a longsuffering Chalsion yet?

Dashnog: Streene--ocean wave. Usage: Riding the streene is what surfers do best. or 'Sweet streene man.'

The Scarlet Tart said...

You'll notice I haven't posted many words, but the ones I have posted ROCK.

Diva Donna said...

one more

phewsit[fu sit]-to spit liguid out your nose because you are surprised by a joke, while drinking.
usage: JD choked and phewsitted all over his friends when he saw charlie pulling a musna from his nose.

Laura said...

Any poem with the words "punk" and "Freak" is alright by me. That was a down right nice poem. Behind that Harley facade, I think you might be a softy.

And for that, you've just gone up another notch for me.

The Scarlet Tart said...

He has a Harley facade? Was he wearing a black leather jacket last night? Sweet! Now I can call him Ponyboy. :)

James Dashner said...

Harley facade!? Hahahaha. Nice one. I did ride a motorcycle once.....

The Scarlet Tart said...

Fess up, Ponyboy. hahaheheha!

Unknown said...

I may not be first, but then you're going off quantity...not quality...:-)

Today's Dashnog: xemerini. Originally an Italian word for "retired Marines", it now refers to fish who have left the ocean and are, at present, in my oven.

numberonedashnerfan said... is my postfrom the last one case you mised it.....

Hey I had so much fun with mommy is very nice...I had no idea..thanks for letting me read some of the arc for maze runner me and my mouse in my pocket loved when do I get to read the arc of book 3... k so my dad was wandering the store while we were there looking for a place to sit and he passed by a patron and she was asking what the long line was for and the worker (not angie) was all like were having a book signing and then the patron was all oh for who and then wa wa wah she responded quickly James Dashner and um um starts with an s um um I belive it is some dude named savage.... I thought it was was funny though the way my dad tells it is even awsomererer...sorry if im 2 mean 2 you...Word hiallbu Def-fast food hot sause packet Usage My hiallbu had on it "Will you marry me?"........I think its intense that we live kinda close my nieghbor actully goes to the same school as your kids.....Tiki tiki dude


I'm going to send them to you through my phone so in your email James you will have an email from my phone....nevermind my phone memory is full and wont send it so I shall have my dad send it asap....I loved your poem it was from the heart and that is what counts .....was I 2 mean 2 scott ....meh im probebly always mean.....word litylloi def icky 1.3% floride toothpaste usage take very good or you will have to youse litlloi ...tikitki
ok so my last word didnt work so here is another inwanha def. a vacation destanation usage I cant tell I get to go to inwnha.

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Fun to see you last night, James. Schmoozing it up at your best :)

numberonedashnerfan said...

I cant get the picture with out it bieng abnormally pixulated so sorry james please forgive I dont want anyone stealing the pictures.....word chamano def over tired...tiki tiki....ok it didnt work so my new word is holarre it shall mean honer usage I am going to holarre festival practice on tuesday and actual thing on the 21.....I need to work on typing and etc

Austin said...

You Rock Dashner! It's Me Austin From Daybreak! Thanks For Coming To My School And Signing My Book At Barnes & Noble, Your The First Author Iv'e Got A Signing From Actually 2nd Because Savage Signed 6.39 Seconds Before You. I Am So Excited To Start The First Book I'll Tell You How Good It Is When I'm Done.

Austin said...

You live in UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Awesome Go Utes!

Austin said...

I saw one of your assistants reading maze runner how do you explain that?

Unknown said...


Still waiting to hear back from the Childrens' Publishing imprint at RH. In the meantime I've started reviewing books on my new blog so that I'll have legitimacy to the claim that I want to do a blog review. I'll keep you guys posted.

Dashnog: Ruchrog. Ancient Greek word for "writer's block", now a proper noun. Ruchrog is the sworn enemy of Typor.

L.T. Elliot said...


Sorry I missed your wonderful signing
I was too busy with writing and whining
I was getting critiqued
My eyes, how they leaked
Now I wish I'd sprung for fine dining!

Seriously though, I was at critique group last night. I apologize for missing all of the action and being graced by the presence of the truly wonderful DashMom! I'll try and make it up to you. =]

Magenta, I've missed LouMac on here too. =]

L.T. Elliot said...

Oh, and for my critique group, I'm totally kidding!
...or am I?

Brodi Ashton said...

James- great event yesterday. I was two hours early, and I still ended up in the back of a very long line!

Also, love the little community of commenters you have. It's like y'all have your own Dashner-dialect.

And could there be a cooler fan than Austin (from above comments)? I want to have a fan like him someday!

J Scott Savage said...

Good times, bud. We definitely need to do this again. Your mom was great, and it was fun having Lisa drop by with her new book.

numberonedashnerfan said...

Hey austin that was actully his number one fan (the one who stalks him has everything signed etc) reading his arc Maze Runner.... I wished I worked for thee James Dashner though that would be still trying to figure out the whole picture you want just your mom or u 2 if i can ever figure it out so you can put it on your blog that is.....tiki tiki

numberonedashnerfan said...

word rihle
def flower windmill rain catchers
Usage I went to lowes and made a rihle

Unknown said...

Don't really have anything to say, but the Dashnog is too good to pass up: intespo.

It's an adjective used to descrive an annual gathering of the most crazy awesome up-and-coming authors in the known universe. An "intense expo" if you will. For example. Storymakers in two weeks will be intespo.

Michelle Garcia said...

Hi Dashner-san! That book signing really was great. You and Savage work well together. I hope you remember me; my name is Michelle and I've actually been to both of your book signings at that barnes and noble with my little brother.(I shook your hand? any bells?) lol. well you promised to email me so here's my email: Long, i know, but I love every part of it :D P.S. props for such a great turnout!

Unknown said...


I'm about 80 pages into The Forest of Hands and Teeth (now called FOHAT)and so far I really like it. Dunno yet if it's 5 star material but it moves really quick and smooth-like. Thanks for giving it props.

Dashnog: glingl. It's the sound you make when you finish a manuscript the first time. You jump up and glingl!

The Scarlet Tart said...

Finally, I get to read "Hunt for Dark Infinity"! It's on hold for me at my library. :)

numberonedashnerfan said...

Happy easter !!!
Happy chocolate bunnies pooping colorful eggs in baskets day!!!
Happy Jesus resurrection day!!!
word sworieri
def Easter egg hunt
I cant wait for the sworieri

Danyelle Ferguson said...

LOVE the poem. I never knew you could actually rhyme. :)

Anonymous said...

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