Thursday, September 3, 2009

T Minus 33 Days and Counting

A few things:

1. 33 days. The Double Triple. Eleven Times Three. Ye Olde Thrice Thrice. It's coming!

2. Good friend and fellow author Aprilynne Pike (WINGS, being made into a movie by freaking Disney with freaking Miley Cyrus!) is being so kind as to give away a signed copy of THE MAZE RUNNER on her blog. To enter, you only have to comment (about anything!) on her blog.

We should have code words to show who made it over there via The Dashner Dude. Hmmmm. Since Aprilynne is a friend and understands my idiotic sense of humor, let's do this: Say what you want in her comments, but sign off by saying something absurdly ridiculous and silly, like, "Wee Willie Winkie had a stinky pinky." Come on, be brave! Anyone who does it will be entered into my own contest for another copy of MAZE.

To visit her blog, CLICK HERE. The contest is open through Labor Day weekend.

3. Now, I'm pretty sure nobody's gonna classify MAZE as a romance anytime soon, but luckily The Romantic Times has a broad vision of books they like. In our very first trade review, we couldn't be more pleased! They made MAZE a "Top Pick" for October and did a really nice feature, including an interview with me. Look for it on magazine shelves at your local bookstore or library. Thank you RT!!!!!

4. I'm very, very, very close to completing the first draft of Book 3 of THE 13TH REALITY. It may even happen today. Or tomorrow. I'll definitely tweet about it when that happens, and probably update this blog post. That's always an exciting moment in which my wife and I celebrate by running naked through the park and tackling old ladies. If you'd like to join us, give me a call. My number: 555-555-5553.

5. College football starts tonight. Pro football starts a week from tonight. Georgia is ranked #11, the Falcons should build on their playoff season from a year ago. And there was much rejoicing.

6. Have a wonderful weekend!

Lyrics of the Day:

Why can't we have unhurried hearts?
To beat in time with our stops and our starts.
Why can't we have unhurried hearts?
To keep the time when things fall apart.

Unhurried Hearts, Harlem Shakes


Unknown said...

Wickedosity! Football season makes my heart all warm and tingly :-)

Frank Cole said...

That was you guys running naked? My poor grandma!!! She had been drinking too much egg nog...

J.N. Future Author said...

^.^ You know, you are crazy....right?

Laura said...

Thanks for the link to Aprilynne's blog. Just so happens I'm reading Wings right now. What are the chances?

You have redefined celebrating the major accomplishment of finishing a manuscript. I shall not be going to any parks in Utah for the next month- just to be safe.

James Dashner said...


So I just looked over there. You guys are not disappointing me!

Taffy said...

Um, does your wife know you volunteered her to run naked through public parks??
You could probably get away with that behavior in another country like Greece or Denmark...
Oh, yeah. yippee. football season. go. team.

Jena said...

Exciting, stuff!

Can't wait!

Carrie Ryan said...

Congrats on the top pick! Wahoo!! Looks like Kirkus has you on tap for September 15 - fingers crossed!! So exciting it's barely a month away!!

Karen Pellett said...

Wow, you are on a football high and stranger than usual. Oh Fall Time. Thanks for the news about WINGS. It's a fabulous book and I'm excited for Aprilynne. Keep up the good hard work and see you at the LUWrite Conference in two weeks. Any last minute tips on how to not flop at pitching my book?

Cuppa Jolie said...

Yesterday I listened to the BEA YA Buzz editor panel and watched the author panel (gotta love technology). Great stuff. Now, I will admit I watched and listened because my friends Laini and Jill were also featured, but after hearing all that good stuff, The Maze Runner is on my to-read list! (Oh, and I love your editor!)

Now I must head over to Aprillynne's blog to leave something absurdly ridiculous in the comments!

hidden reader said...

you know that you are either crazy, absolutely mad, or an alien from the planet of mars trying to take over the world of old ladies. :P

oh and congrats on 13th reality.

Vanessa M. said...

you know, I've been meaning to ask you forever. I mean, your books are so awsome that they should be made into movies.... so are they going to be made into movies?

Dave said...

13th almost done! WOO HOO!
Romance in the ok
Tackling old ladies while running naked in the park sounds cool but when I called the number to sign up, they said that it was the hotline for bailing out naked author for running through the park tackling old ladies...I think you got a digit wrong Dash!

Cranberryfries said...

33 days, eh? Perhaps you should do something each day as a countdown and then report back to us. It's entertainment I promise. Like buy a package of oreo's and eat one a day. Or make a list of on socially awkward situation you attempted each day (like standing to close to someone in an elevator or shouting at church).

Totally commented and totally signed off like a fan of the Dashner.

James Dashner said...

Ah, the Duders are making me proud over at Aprilynne's blog. You guys rocks, and yes, I know I'm psycho.

Debbie, hmm. Must think on that.

Vanessa, no word yet on movies. Definite interest. Fingers crossed!

Cuppa Jolie, glad you finally saw that. Krista is AWESOME, huh?

Carrie, just got the Kirkus review, and it's 100% positive! Very excited about it.

Karen, just say things that would sound cool to you!

Anonymous said...

There's too many people to fight for an ARC of Maze. Or pre-release. Or whatever they are now. I'm just resigned to be one of your "boring" fans and buy it at my local book store when it comes out. Sorry, man.

Magenta said...

1)Little more than a month 'til Maze Runner?! Kudos! A reason for fans who haven't already gotten ARC copies to celebrate! ^_~
2)Wings will be a Disney movie?! No freaking way!!! Do you know if Miley will play Laurel? btw, I just checked Aprilynne Pike's blog, (took me a while to scroll through all the comments) and some people are particularly silly. =D That's entertainment for ya.
3)Well, Maze doesn't have that much romance, but I guess the romance it did have got RT's attention. Pretty neat. ^,^
4)LOL & ROTFL.=D You are one crazy Dude. But I'm duly excited for you to finish another 13th Reality book!!! Sorry, I forget. Do 13R books come out in March or May? I recall it was a month that started with an M. =P
5)Yay. Football. I know you love it, so I'm happy for you.
6)Oh, I will have a great weekend. It's my 18th birthday on Monday!!! Yipee! ^_^

numberonedashnerfan said...
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numberonedashnerfan said...
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Dedee said...

Football begins for me tonight.

I entered over at Aprilynne's blog. She just made my October reading list. What's for November?

LouMac said...

Wait, James, I might've misunderstood. You want us to enter a contest for your book on Aprilynne's blog which will get us another chance to win another contest on your blog????

Sorry...I think I understood. But I entered on Aprilynne's (Don't know how to spell it.) blog. Thanks for the info James! Can't wait for THEE Maze! I told my friend about it the other day. He had no idea that you were writing another book. He's reading HFDI right now! He loved your first and now loves your second.

You rock James...keep on doing what your doing.

Happy Birthday Magenta!!!!!

I think we should all sing to her our favorite "Happy Birthday" song lyrics. I've heard some pretty funky ones recently.

I'll start with the traditional...

"Happy Birthday to YOU! (cHAcHAcHA!)
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday, Dear Magenta!

[Now for the FINALE...]

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, Happy Birthday Magenta! Hope it's great!

Oh! I almost forgot.

Dashnog: unroug-inexperienced at asking someone out.
Usage: The boy was a little unroug, and chickened out when he went to ask the girl out.

Oh! And do I get bonus points if I do a silly rhyme on here too JD?

Haha! Dashner's a poet,
And didn't even know it.
Maybe he did, and maybe he didn't.
He just doesn't want to admit it.

(Haha...I know. LAME! But I just barely came up with it, so you'll have to bear with me on that one.)

Magenta said...

Awwww! Thanks, LouMac! ^_^ Even though you've gone private with your blog and I kind thank you "in person", it's really nice of you to wish me a happy birthday.

The only popular songs I know to do with birthdays is a Beatles song and a Stevie Wonder song. But you know, my own family made up a unique birthday song, with a cool melody and everything. Maybe someday it'll catch on:

Today is your birthday, hey hey,
Your favorite fun-day, hey hey,
Today is the best day of your yeeeear. (This verse repeats once, since it's a chorus, and then there's the middle part.)

Everybody's thinking about you,
Wishing they could all be around you,
We're so lucky that we have you heeeeeere! (or is it near?)

(The chorus repeats one last time, and then it's) SO, Happy Birthday! (cha cha) Happy Birthday! (cha cha) Happy Birthday to you! (CHA CHA CHA!)

^,^ Cool lyrics, huh?

Unknown said...

I have to tell you, James, that nothing you've said has ever made me laugh as hard as "Ye olde thrice thrice". So... yeah. =)

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Yeah, James! Awesomeness! So happy Maze is almost out & #3 is almost complete! Woot!