Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UK Trailer, Latest Q&A

I thought I'd answer some of your questions from the comments today.

If that bores you, then go check out the UK trailer for Maze Runner, coming in August from Scholastic/Chicken House. CLICK HERE. It's basically the same as the U.S. one, but some of you may have not even seen that one.

Onto the questions...

Several people asked about the next book after Maze. It's called THE SCORCH TRIALS and comes out on October 12th. There's a countdown on the right side of the blog. Hey, we're almost down to 200 days!!!

Emma wondered where I got the ideas for Maze. Well, besides my crazy and slightly disturbing imagination, I always say the book was definitely inspired by two of my favorites growing up: ENDER'S GAME and LORD OF THE FLIES.

Thanks for all the yays from those in cities I'm visiting on tour, and the boos from those I'm not. Both make me feel good and appreciated! I really hope to meet a lot of you. Unless you're the lady from MISERY.

Rue from Dallas wants to know where you can find specifics about my upcoming tours. As soon as I have them, they'll be posted here, so stay tuned.

Dave asked about New York, and I did forget to say that I'm coming there for BEA at the end of May, but I don't think I have any events outside of that.

Mary at The Sweet Bookshelf wants me to come to the UK - I would love to!!!!! Who knows. I've never been to Europe, but I really want to go sometime soon. We'll see if one of the publishers there brings me out, or I guess I could arrange a couple of events if we go on vacation. We shall see! Do they like Americans?

Magenta wondered who came up with the UK cover. Well, I don't really know - the design team there, I guess. But I do love it!!!

Arning asked what my book is about. Well, the best thing would be for you to read the little teaser printed on the book flap, which is also available all over the Internet. Google is your friend!

Morgan wants to know how many books are planned in THE 13TH REALITY series. Five. So two years from now both of my series will be done and who knows what'll come next...

Graham Bradley asked when we'd be able to see the cover for SCORCH. Soon, my friend. Soon. It's really cool.

LuAnn Staheli's middle school class wondered why Sato is on the cover of Book 3 of 13th. We're kind of going with a theme, a different character on the cover with each book. Tick, then Mistress Jane, and now Sato. He might be my favorite character, by the way.

Jennifer Jenkins was nice enough to ask me about my knee. It's recovering nicely, except I must've done something to it because it's swollen and stiff today. I hope it's nothing serious!!!

Debbie the Nerf Goddess (nice name!) brought up a good point. The US and Greek covers both use the same awesome artwork by Philip Straub, but show different angles, the Greek one showing the sky above. Why? I don't know. Different tastes. I can't decide which one I like more.

Juliet Crane asked how far in the future MAZE is set. Excellent, excellent question! Well, it's never really revealed in the books, but in my mind it's over 200 years.

Alyssa hoped I could post the first couple of chapters of SCORCH for everyone. Well, not yet. But I think Random House will do that within the next couple of months.

Taffy asked about the last amazing movie I watched. I really loved THE GHOST WRITER, and not just because I have a mancrush on Ewan Mcgregor.

Ender wanted to know how I'm liking LOST so far. Love it as always. Though I'm actually behind on the show (I know - shame, shame), so I might talk about it more once I'm caught up.

There ya go. Thank you again for ALL the comments. I love reading them and staying in touch with you guys. My next post will be a full update on all the little things going on in my life. Talk soon...



James the Brits LOVE Americans! Especially the Scots! I'm SO calling Waterstone's and WH Smith and asking if they can get you for a signing!!

Morgan said...

thanks for mentioning me! can't wait to see the cover for Scorch!!! I was just wondering...how long had they been in the Glade before Thomas got there?

Taffy said...

I finished 'Ender's Game' a few months ago and really liked it. I'm almost done with 'Speaker For The Dead'...WOW! I can't even begin to say why that book is blowing me away. Well, one thing I can say is Saint Scott doesn't waste words when he writes. Everything he says moves the story forward.
Dare I write this out loud? 'Speaker' might just bump Jane Eyre out of my #1 favorite book spot...

P.S. DH had knee surgery and sometimes his knee would puff up and hurt when he was stressed. Weird! (Don't know what you'd be stressed about though, you sit around the house all day and watch movies and eat bon-bons, right?) ;)

Amelia said...

Hey! I'm Amelia and last week, I posted this on my blog because I saw it on German Amazon, I think:

is that going to be the cover for SCORCH TRIALS? If so, it looks really neat!

And will the MAZE RUNNER be a trilogy, or a 4/5-part series?

Can't wait to read THE MAZE RUNNER - I just ordered it yesterday :D
- Amelia

Brian said...

Ender's Game and Lord of the Flies are both great, although Lord of the Flies is slightly disturbing.

Whatever happened to that panel you did on the post-apocalyptic stuff in New York? Did it ever get put up on the internet?

Monkey said...

Hey James,just looked at your tour locations and you are not coming anywhere close to Indiana. I guess I will have to keep waiting for that autograph. Maybe by the time all of the Maze books are out I can get you to sign all of them. Also wanted to let you know that I am work closely with a school district and I have had many of my pen-pals, librarians, and other friends read the Maze Runner. EVERYONE loves it and we cannot wait for the Scorch Trials. Funny story I was in history and thought the teacher was going to talk about the book, but it ended up being the Scopes Trials. Oh well it still got me excited!

Lula! said...

I was loving this until you mentioned being behind on Lost.

Shame. Oh, the shame.

Please remedy this situation asap!

p.s. So excited for The Scorch Trials!

Leesie Jones said...

I am in love with The Maze Runner! My friends and I are even trying to make a movie out of it. If you could give me your email, I would love to send you the first part of the script!

Oh and if you think that they might be making a actual movie for The Maze Runner, tell me, because I would die! (of excitement of course, not because i don't like the book!)

I would love to meet you! You should come to Denver in May, because that's my B-day month and It would be so cool if i could meet you on my B-day!

It's funny because when I found the Maze Runner, my mom and I were on amazon looking for books, and i asked her to buy it for me because it looked amazing! No wonder it's my favorite book now!

I think i've typed way to much already, but i have one last question. Do you read all your comments? I would be touched if you read mine!

Leesie (that would be Lee-see)

Unknown said...

Cool cool, brother. Got any big plans for Storymakers? Will you have an ARC of Scorch by then?

Jackson Porter said...

Morgan, they were in the Glade for two years before Thomas arrived.

I received your email Dashner, don't worry, I already replied. I broke my motto today, Dashner first, the rest second. I had to work on math in the middle of your post, (although today I didn't do the first five problems because it didn't make any sense) but I had to.

Thanks for replying to all those wonderful questions, have you read The Keys To The Kingdom series, because Lord Sunday came out and it's amazing!

Again, what do we have to do to win an ARC of The Scorch Trials?


Rice.and.Mr.Pudding said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rice.and.Mr.Pudding said...

You really should get caught up on Lost. It's getting pretty intense. Actually, The Maze Runner sparked my interest in a way that Lost did, which you should consider as high praise since I think that Lost is amazing.

Anonymous said...

James, have you ever though about making a goodreads.com account? Because i'd be so cool if you did.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about making a goodreads.com account? Because i'd be so cool if you did!

numberonedashnerfan said...

Hey Dude,
Sorry your #1 fan hasn't been commenting lately i've been busy with school and orchestra solo and ensemble.... I will try to send you and email later today about, well if you don't know then you will then......In case anybody cares who has heard me talk about orchestra I got a II+ (I being the highest and V being the lowest) rating at regionals for orchestra solo and ensomble(I did a solo).....I cant wait tell book three comes out!!!!!.....

TIki Tiki for now dude!

Jaci said...

we just finished the maze runner... it was fantastic. we bought the book a week ago and my son, my husband and I kept stealing it from each other- it was hard to put down. Cant wait for the next! we also enjoyed the jimmy fincher books, in fact they are what made us interested in the maze runner.

J.N. Future Author said...

I'm still way excited for those 2 books! ^.^

Anonymous said...

I'm currently reading the book and I LOVE IT!!!!! It's absolutely fabulous, and I can't wait to see you grow as a writer. Great job and thank you!!!

-A Fan

(P.S- Did you get any inspiration from real life people for your book or was it just your imagination?)

Anonymous said...

(P.P.S- Specifically,I meant The Maze Runner.)

Jackson Porter said...

James, I was a'wondering if you need to know math for writing a book. And if you use math at all?


Leesie Jones said...

I am trying to write a book. It's actually based on a weirdly specific dream I had. It's a mystery with so much more. I mean, If it was just a mystery where would I put the flying monkeys? (just kidding!) And I was wondering how you continued to stick with your goal for each day. Is there anything I should do to keep me focased on writing a book as great as yours?
Love, Leesie

P.S. I'm your Number one fan times infinity!

P.S.S. I really want an early copy of the scorch trials! I saw the cover online, and it looks like a dream! Hopefully you'll be putting it on your blog soon! Is there any way I can win a copy somehow?

Jackson Porter said...

Leesie, check out www.nanowrimo.com and download one of their packets. It has a calender. Dashner's word count for the day is either 400 or 1000.


Talyn said...

Hiya shank!:) im Talyn and im in seventh grade and i write storys. Your book gave me an idea and i want to share it with you:)
If you want please email me at XbritanXXTrinadieX@hotmail.com

June said...

Okay, I just reread THE MAZE RUNNER, and I have a few questions:
1) The boys are called "Group B" in the Epilogue. Is "Group A" made up of all girls, or is it just another group of boys? Or did something happen? Was "Group A" not very successful?
2) This is the last question: Is the real world as bad as "WICKED" made the boys think it was?
I know you will not answer any of these questions but I had to ask!

Lee said...

Just wanted to let you know that I FINALLY finished your book last night. I'd check it out...and then not have time to read it. Then I'd check it out again...and not have time to read it. Third time's the charm! I finally had time, after five months, to crack it open and read it, and I can't say I was disappointed.

It was good. Real good. As in turn-the-cell-phone-off-unplug-the-tv-jump-into-bed-and-ignore-everything-else good. Can't wait for the next book. Great job!

Lindsay said...

Looking forward to The Maze Runner coming out in the UK.:)

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