Monday, March 9, 2009

Quick note

Just to make sure you guys understand, don't get too excited about the pre-pub tour that's in May. I don't think those events are open to the public. But I should be coming to the same cities on the release tour in October. Then I really hope to meet all of you that commented from those cities!!!!

The prepub tour is more for booksellers and librarians. How that all works I have no idea. But it's not like I'll be having booksignings or anything like that. Sorry! October isn't very far away if you think about it.....

And Tapestry100 gave us our first national book sighting for THE HUNT FOR DARK INFINITY! He saw it in on the shelf in a Borders in Chicago. I'd love to hear from others since the distribution on that thing was slow for some reason. Yeah, I know. Boo. Hoo.


Diva Donna said...

HEHEHE I'm first this time... I love daylight savings..hehe.

Go Go prepub tour. have a blast and don't forget that the librarians are the ones you have to watch out for. Ask Brandon about that.

Dashnog word of the day is 'Ricni' it will mean egg. (dont' ask)

Diva Donna said...

okay one more vocab word because I just couldn't resist it.

cleale-dashnog for, fool, slang for 'tool' as in someone with less than average common sense.
Use: "Don't be such a cleale."

The Scarlet Tart said...

Haha! I love Dashnog.

It's a good thing you posted, James. The natives were gettin' restless.

Worldbuilder Robin said...

I'm a librarian. How do I find out about this prepublication thing?

L.T. Elliot said...

I wonder if I can get a job as a librarian...a librarian who is too busy writing to catalog the books properly...then I can infiltrate these secret conferences and learn what is really going on!

J.N. Future Author said...

psh, I'll still find a way into those! I'm not general public! ^.~

I am so excited for your Maze Runner tour! SO EXCITED!!!!!! ^.^ That day will NEVER come will it!

I'm still looking forward to Shattered Hope! and the sequel to the Maze Runner! ^.^ (that has a cool name!)

oh, and this is a note for the 'number 1 fan'. sorry sir (or ms.) That title has already been taken - twice! I'm his number one fan on the boys side. while LouMac is the number 1 fan on the girls side. ^.^ together we are the Author Stalker! but you can join us in our quest of world domination! we have t-shirts!

James Dashner said...

The only thing I know to do is make a request to your Random House contact. I have zero power over the tours. The cities are SLC, NY, Chicago, SanFran, and Seattle.

I'm sure they consider requests - they want people who are already excited about it.

Love the Dashnog stuff. My word right now is bosms. I think I'll decide not to go there....

#1, you may want to listen to JN. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Lex, you'd make an awesome librarian.

The Scarlet Tart said...

Bosms? Seriously? Well mine is holingli. Somehow it all makes sense.

Karen Pellett said...

Just thought you should know (incase you didn't already), but Hunt For the Dark Infinity was sited by me at the Orem, Utah Barnes & Noble this weekend. Looks good.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...


Deb said...

James - I was thinking about stalking you on your pre-pub tour, but there's just too much competition! You'll just have to accept me as a mediocre fan.

Dashnog word: Tratorsh. Definition: A verbal fight with many insults thrown. Sentence usage: The Dashner fans engaged in a tratorsh, vying for the number one position.

tapestry100 said...

Hey, that's cool that I had the first siting!! I just thought it was fun that that was the first copy that I'd seen on the shelf. As it happens, my local B&N here in Lansing, MI called the other day and said that I had a book in, and I don't remember ordering anything else, so I think it's here in Lansing too. I'll let you know tomorrow if that's what I got in. Looking forward to seeing you in October!

James Dashner said...

Good to hear about some sightings. Now we need lots of complete strangers to buy them!

snedu: means "that dude has stinky pants."

Usage: Man is he snedu.

The Scarlet Tart said...

Sometimes I find my sarcastic sense of humor pushing the limits. Especially when people leave themselves open. For example, your word was snedu for which you gave a perfectly good definition. Only I wanted to write back and say, "You mean like how you, or half the writers out there, smell? I know ya'll write in your pajamas. I bet your lucky if you shower once a week..." or something like that.

Diva Donna said...

So is someone actually keeping track of the Dashnog language trackning. We're gonna need a dictionary I guess since its my fictional language I better keep track of all these fabulous words everyone is creating.
LOL to snedu and sooo true there should be a word in every language for the smelly pants guy.

And Deb way to go with Tratorsh...wonder where your inspiration comes from sometimes. Lest we all forget "musna" means noodle and I still can't say that without snickering to myself. I'll start on the dictionary immediately...well maybe tomorrow at the latest.

The Scarlet Tart said...

In case you missed it, the "ya'll" was especially for you and all your Georgia fans. Can't forget your roots.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I went to Barnes and Noble in Texas and my dad and I wanted to check and see where it was. The guy there checked and said that they should have them here in San Antonio on March 13th!

Wil S. said...

James, the Barnes & Nobles in Houston got their shipment of Dark Infinity last week, I finished that book in record time. All I have to say about the second 13th reality book is that it deserves about an infinity/10. Now I can make the fliers to spread the Dashner cult, er, advertise your book.

Dashnog word is "Honatene"(HON-uh-teen)- a fancy restaurant in which people frown upon not using the right silverware.

Wil S. said...

Another Dashnog word: Phang- cheese

The Scarlet Tart said...

Donna-I love that you're famous for creating Dashnog!

humuc (HYOO muk)-scum of the earth low lifes who take advantage of the weak and innocent. Get it? Human and muck? Humuc?

James Dashner said...

Wil S, thanks for that awesome compliment! Infinity out of ten. That's sweet.

And good to see it's starting to show up. I just don't get it, though. It seemed to get out there better and quicker for Book 1. Or maybe people are just snatching it up as soon it gets in! :-)

I spoke at 3 schools today AND wrote 3,000 words. My brain is tired.

The Scarlet Tart said...

Impressive. I donated blood and layed on the couch reading "13th Reality-The Journal of Curious Letters" while my kids destroyed my house.

James Dashner said...

Arlene, that might win for Most Excellent Comment of the Week.

The Scarlet Tart said...

I try.

The Scarlet Tart said...

Dashnog- Worrym...I've got nothin'.

Diva Donna said...

Go go Dashnog! Arlene I hope you're enjoying your book. Can't wait until Deb gives me her copy (don't tell Dashner we're sharing;)

#1 most excellent use of the Dashnog lexicon 'fords' works as the unfans =) I love new meanings for old words. Shiny.

Dashner way to go with all the exhausting pimping of your book and creativity. 3,000 words is an impressive daily total.
And inspirational to boot. My dashnog word for today is:
sarkbil- it means you worked hard today and deserve a rest.
usage: Sarkbil, Dashner.
So technically I guess that makes it more like the chinese proverbs where one word means an entire phrase but hey Dashnog is not your ordinary language so anything goes right?
Wil S. great word too! Honateen...I like the pronunciation too.

Diva Donna said...

Couldn't stop myself...
Sunip [Su Nip]--its an expletive.
usage-- "SUNIP, my dog just peed on the carpet."

(ps. I started the dictionary so keep the words rolling. But please be advized that as the creator of the dashnog language I will use my own descretion with the definitions, though slang is an uncontrollable part of any language so freedom still rings.)

The Scarlet Tart said...

It's a little bit like "1984"...except...not.

Diva Donna said...

Ingly--[ing lee] the feeling of premonition when something really bad or good is going to happen and your not sure which it is...kind of like having ants crawling up the back of your neck on the inside.
usage: I have that ingly feeling again.

Diva Donna said...

There are 22 dashnog words and some really priceless ones.
#1 came up with "Diship"(for when she is mad at Dashner) and I made "sunip" an expletive soo here is the first grammar rule of Dashnog--all swear words will end in the letters ip and normal words can be made expletives by adding the ip ending.
all words you won't want to repeat. lol.

Anonymous said...


The Scarlet Tart said...

What?! You're having dinner my writing group?

Dashnog(and I'm not making this up)

Diva Donna said...

New word
maspo--large pastry item
Usage: Pass the maspo.

The Scarlet Tart said...

Let me be clear.

Askmall is a teenage deity.

James Dashner said...

This Dashnog stuff is cracking me up.

#1, what a nice thing to say. I'm glad I got you into reading and I can't receive a higher compliment. Thanks.

Though I do wish you'd fix your keyboard! :-)

My word today: Prolo. Means "ya know" or "Doncha think"

Sentence: We should go see a movie, prolo.

Anna said...

Wow, this dashnog stuff is hilarious!

Eeko: snow patrol rocks.

Usage: EEKO!!!!!!!!!!!!

ReaganRenee said...

Thanks for coming to my school it was really great. Plus, the whole physco vampire unicorn chewbaka thingy ( who will become president) was super funny! Plus the whole Dakota never becoming a fanouse actor or actress thing I agree :)

I am just finishing up on the first of the 13th reality series and its SUPER good. If there is ever a movie for it I would def. audition for the part of Sofia, no joke.

So liek if there is ever a movie hit me up. Lol just kididngg but seriously you're a GREAT writer! :)

P.S Go Patterson Elementary

Anonymous said...

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