Thursday, August 20, 2009

Modnar (That's Random Backwards)

1. Sorry so quiet this week. I'm not even sure why. But here's a catchup.

2. I finally went to the doctor about my knee injury. I won't know for sure until tomorrow, but my doctor would bet his life savings and every one of his children that I have a torn ACL. He said I have two options: a lifestyle change where I don't do stuff like basketball, skiing, tennis, etc. where your knee twists a lot, or have surgery. Mmmm, let's go with surgery.

3. Did the MRI tube thingy yesterday. It's really cool. I felt part Neil Armstrong (spaceship sounds), part cadaver (rolled into an enclosed space, like a morgue), part Tiger Woods (he did this last summer). I highly recommend it.

4. I have the choice of using a tendon from my hamstring or a tendon from a cadaver to rebuild my ACL (that's Anterior Cruciate Ligament for you big dummies out there - haha). It'd be so awesome to have another human living inside my body! Especially if he was evil and slowly started to take over the rest of me, finally my brain. But, nah, doc says it's better to use your own hammy. Will do.

5. In other news, I'm at 78,000 words on Book 3 of THE 13TH REALITY. It's going really well, and I'm definitely at the fun part. I hope to have it done before Krista (Marino, my editor at Random House) sends me her revision notes for THE SCORCH TRIALS, sequel to THE MAZE RUNNER. I hope I don't cry when I get those.

6. My agent has already finished SCORCH, and called me to say he really liked it. You don't know the amount of relief that fills you when you hear something like that. He also gave me some really good news that he won't let me tell you. He's so freaking mean!!!

7. I've been reading a couple of modern classics that I've heard about so many times but never read. The first, SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson, is simply amazing. I don't like to make blanket statements, but I can honestly say it's the single best example of a developed character that I have ever read. Melinda. She is real, and I like her.

8. In the middle of THE WESTING GAME, a Newbery winner by Ellen Raskin. It's really good! Reminds me so much of AND THEN THERE WERE NONE by Agatha Christie, one of my all time favorites.

9. I also want to let you know about a book called THE ADVENTURES OF HASHBROWN WINTERS by Frank Cole. I read this manuscript and blurbed it for the publisher, and now it's out. I LOVE this book (duh, that's why I blurbed it). If you're a fan of Judy Blume (hello? who isn't?), then you need to read this one. Prepare to laugh. A lot. Frank himself is hilarious and does school visits. You should totally check out the website: CLICK HERE.

10. We have less than 50 days until the release of MAZE. Less than 50!!! I can't believe it's coming so soon. We should start seeing some trade reviews here in the next few weeks. If any of you are reading this, I only ask one thing: Please give me a really good review and tell everyone to go buy it. You don't even have to actually read it - I don't care. Just the really good review. Thanks!


numberonedashnerfan said...

That sucks about your knee....YAY BOOK 3.....Did you get my email.......

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

On the one hand, condolences about having to have surgery. On the other, congrats that it can be fixed. This is good, yes? I have a whacked out knee and the doc told me "Yeah, it'll hurt off and on for the rest of your life, pretty much. But when you're old you'll probably know when it's going to rain."


Getting really excited about Maze!

Frank Cole said...

You so rock! You're my hero and I didn't even have to pitch for Rodizios. I'm totally stoked for Maze Runner, it really sounds like something that's going to take the world by storm.

Nichole Giles said...

Dude, your talk of cadaver parts living inside you and taking over your brain almost make it sound like you're a writer or something...oh wait, you are. this an idea for an upcoming project? Hm.

Sorry about the surgery. That stinks. But congrats on 13th and Maze, and all your other awesome deals. It's all so cool.

PS If your agent doesn't want you to tell people something, just don't let him read your blog. =) Kidding. Can't wait to hear your secret.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

you are so funny.

how on earth can you read so many books while working on your own writing???

James Dashner said...

Thanks for the comments, guys!

#1, yes I did - thank you.

Tamara, I treat reading as an important part of my job. You can't be a writer unless you're reading a lot.

J.R. Johansson said...

Why am I sensing a new upcoming series with a golfing-astronaut-zombie? :)

Erin G. said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. But on the plus side, if you ever need physical therapy you could come up to where I work and we'll take care of you! I bet that makes you feel better, doesn't it? ;)
So, you said you're at 78,000 words for book three? That's awesome, but it brought a question to my mind. Do you write the book in order from start to finish or do you skip around? Just curious. Thanks! :)

Magenta said...

1: Yes. It seemed to be getting... too quiet. ^,~
I'll skip 2, 3 & 4, because I don't like thinking about one of my favorite authors in the world having such a petty and... human... injury. =P
5: That's what I like hearing about. Book news. ^,^ 78K words. Awe-sooome!
6: A secret about Scorch? Hopefully it won't be a secret for long.
7, 8 & 9: I'll pay attention to those books you recommended. Especially that Frank Cole book. I like laughing when reading. ^,^
10: 50 days! Hee hee. Everyone is sooo going to enjoy this book. I guarantee it.

Heather Moore said...

Too bad about the ACL. I can't wait to read the Hashbrown book. Frank Cole is a funny guy.

numberonedashnerfan said...

james will you do me a favor and send me a reply through email....sorry if im bieng bossy...

Dave said...

My hats off to you for actually enjoying the MRI. I freaked. How in the world didn't you?? 13th 3...uhh can not wait! Good call in the surgery. You are way too young to give up all the fun stuff you do. Hopefully the knee can hold out so you can do your tour and tie up your loose ends. I have to guess the recovery for the surgery won't be too bad, but you can't take all those glam shots of you and Maze with a big old brace on the knee. When would the surgery be? Thanks for posting, almost had to have chops take a road trip and make sure no one kidnapped you! Good luck!

Joanna said...

Good luck with the knee surgery. I had minor knee surgery, it wasn't to bad. The hardest part was fitting in all of the physical therapy appointments.

I am hoping the 50 days goes fast because I really want to read Maze Runner!

At Authorpalooza my friend and I talked with Fank Cole and he had us laughing so hard. After he said that there was a mafia in the 6th grade, we knew it would be worth reading. We both loved it!

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Ooh, I want to get a copy of Hashbrown right away. Frank is hilarious, so I'm sure his book will make me laugh until I cry.

So one of these days I need to get my PCL repaired. Maybe we should do it at the same time and then we can hobble around in matching knee braces at the next author event. We'd look like the Wonder Twins. . . or the Not-So-Wonder Twins. Except you're so OLD, it would be hard to pull off the twins thing anyway.

Nicole said...

Excited to hear that 13th Reality #3 is coming along great. I am also excited for Maze Runner.

Sorry about your knee. That is no fun! Love your positive attitude about it though!

James Dashner said...

Frank, I believe you owe me some royalties, my friend.

Bree, that sounds like an excellent idea. Thanks for the old joke. You're now on the Black List.

Dave said...
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Dave said...

How do I turn the invisible switch OFF in here?

Laura said...

You so made me laugh about the MRI. Now for the crutches. I can't wait to hear how it feels to have three legs- but I could still whoop you in a crutches race anyday.
Post a comment on Amazon without actually reading it? You're such a cheat.
Uh, I mean, what a good strategy.

Kenny said...

Good for you, going to the doctor. You are an example to recalcitrant men everywhere.

Ah, The Westing Game. My fourth-grade teacher gave that one to me; I think it was the last non-fantasy, non-sci-fi book I read entirely by choice until I started reading philosophy in college. It is an excellent example of a puzzle that the reader can solve along with the main characters.

And I am an excellent example of why children should be forced to read outside their preferred genre, I guess. d^_^b Looking back, several of my favorite books were assigned reading.

Jenkins: Our Family said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the knee, James. Are you going to have to miss the whole ski season this year? Hope not.

I think you should opt for a female cadaver tendon. I'm sure your wife would appreciate the greater perspective it would undoubtedly bring to your life.

Still can't wait for Maze!

James Dashner said...

Dave, not sure what you mean?

Thanks for all the condolences. I'm actually more relieved than anything - I hurt it way back in February and it's great to know I can get it fixed and be fully active again.

Jen, I sure hope I don't miss ski season. But I prob will. :(

Dave said...

Don't worry about it. I thought you were upset at me for acting like a schmuck on your site last week. I had a bad week, that's it. Personal stuff going on and I wasn't myself. My apologies to you all again for my actions last week, especialy you

Carla said...


I have set up a fan site for Maggie Stiefvater ( and as part of the forum i decided to do a book of the month.

And guess what???? I chose the Maze Runner as our first official book of the month in October!!!!! so we'll all have to read your book, post our reviews on the site and discuss all the goings on. How cool is that!

Surgery, erm not so cool. At least your not a slug, that would be worse. You'd look like a turd, have gravel constantly stuck to your belly. You couldn't even cry without melting your face off. This always gets me through illness with a smile!! hope it gives you a little giggle to cheer you up.


Cindi Lou said...

Hate to break it to you Dash, but depending on when you do your surgery, you'll probably miss ski season. My brother had to do ACL surgery 3 times (he obviously didn't learn his lesson the first two times) and it took about 6-7 months recovery time before the doctor cleared him for impact sports like that.

But just think of all the books you'll get to read and all the blogs you'll get to write!

Frank Cole said...

Royalties? What are those? Surely you don't get royalties for your books do you? I've never heard of such a thing... :)The closest thing I've gotten to royalties is when I celebrated after getting published and went to Burger King. I wore one of those paper crowns. Now that's royal treatment.

James Dashner said...

Dave, don't worry about it dude. All is well.

Bookaholics Anonymous - I'm so honored! That's really great. Tell everyone I'd be happy to do a chat or something once they've read it.

Thank you!!!

And thanks for the slug perspective. I feel much better lol.

Carla said...

Hey James

Thanks, that's awesome. We're affiliated with another site, so all in all the total members of both sites is over 300.

How do I contact you to arrange a chat at the end of Oct or beginning of November?

If you can't post it on here, please can you drop me an email?

carla2786@yahoo dot co dot uk

Cheers, i'm so excited!!!

numberonedashnerfan said...

Thats pretty intense they put up the first 7 chapters of maze runner....Good luck on sept.1st.......

Melony said...

I think it is pretty telling that Modnar, if you switch the "d" to an "L" you'd have my maiden name....similarities make me laugh, especially when they are so on target!

Dave said...

What's the word count goal and/or target release date for 13th 3?
I'm seriously getting antsy to read it. Its not like waiting for another series book to come out, I REALLY want to read this one. Maybe I should have waited for them all to come out first...oh well, too late for that.

Kellie said...

Sorry about your knee. I LOVE the Westing Game! I read it a few years ago when I was taking a YA lit class at USU.

numberonedashnerfan said...
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Dave said...

I was told today I'm going to need another surgery on my back. Torn disc tore through more and won't hold up too long :O( I feel your pain and sadness. This stinks. Since I haven't mentioned it in a while (and this usually means you will post again soon!) But the contest at my site for a crisp, new ARC of "THE MAZE RUNNER" ends in less than 2 weeks! If you haven't already entered, which thanks to james letting me post about it, many have, go check out the contest and enter to win. Thanks!

Jessica said...

Random: If you have time, I would love for you to do a guest post on my blog. I'm sure my readers would love it too!
If you need some convincing, you should look at it as a way to promote your book(s). ;)

I just finished The Maze Runner and it was fantastic!! I will be posting my review soon.
I can't wait for the second book.

Anway, please consider my offer.

Unknown said...

Hey James, you're the #38 most followed author on Goodreads.

THAT PUTS YOU AHEAD OF JOHN SCALZI! HAhahahahaha ask Brandon Sanderson how he feels about that.

James Dashner said...

Dave, 13th Reality 3 will come out in April 2010 and will be roughly 100k words.