Wednesday, August 26, 2009

T Minus 6 Weeks and Counting

Here's what's on my mind today:

1. Six weeks from now, THE MAZE RUNNER will be in stores! I can't believe it's getting so close. Don't you remember back in the day when you'd get report cards every six weeks? And you'd wonder who the h%$# sent a hornet up Ms. Hudson's beehind to make her give you a D in "Conduct"? That's how long we have. I don't know what that means, but we're definitely getting closer.

2. I received my preliminary schedule for the release tour. I'll be going to (in this order): Seattle, San Francisco/Oakland, Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Los Angelas. Look for specific details as we get closer to October 6. (Sorry, Mom, no Atlanta.)

3. I attended a really fun get-together with book bloggers over the weekend, organized by the great Natasha Maw. Instead of giving a report myself, you should read this hilarious account by fellow writer Brodi Ashton, who apparently has a magic ability to digest ice cream upon swallowing: CLICK HERE. She also gives a nice list of other reports if you're interested.

4. THE BLADE OF SHATTERED HOPE (Book 3 of THE 13TH REALITY) now stands at 85,000 words. I'm right in the heart and meat of the Big Ending. Something very disturbing happens. What a surprise!

5. I'm getting better at the Twitter thing, and I plan on doing it quite a bit on the tour so everyone can get a taste of what it's like. I'm also gonna do an intense "Typical Day of an Author" thing soon. To follow me, CLICK HERE. (Twitter name is "jamesdashner")

6. If you don't live in the Rocky Mountains, this is what you missed on Sunday:

Lyrics of the Day

The fire in your eyes
Keeps me alive
I'm sure in her you'll find
The Sanctuary
And the world and the world
The world turns around

She Sells Sanctuary, The Cult (No idea what those lyrics mean, but I challenge you to listen to this song in the car and not feel like something really awesome is gonna happen to you wherever you end up.)


Carla said...


I am sorry to keep on bothering you, I left a message on your previous post and advised my forum was having your book as our October book of the month. How do I contact you to arrange an author chat at the end of October?

Can you post the info on here and if not please advise how i contact you or drop me an email

carla2786@ yahoo dot co dot uk

Mundiemoms, our affiliate is having your book as spotlight of the month, so they will also be wanting to join us. Thats over 400 people reading this book!!!!




Unknown said...

you threw a cup at some innocent woman, and then betting she can't eat a lot of ice cream and then taking it back! I thought you were a nice guy obviously, I was mistaken. lol, sounds like you guys had fun.

Brodi Ashton said...

Aaron- thank you for defending my honor.

James- I have no idea why Ms. Hudson gave you a D for conduct. Lemme think... Did you throw anything at her?

p.s. 6 weeks! Can't wait!

J.N. Future Author said...

It sounds like you had alot of fun!!!!

Unknown said...

Were those pictures taken up at Beaver? I could swear I went to Scout Camp there once.

Here's a good lyric for you, from "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor:

Nobody really know how or why
He works so hard, seems like he's never got time
Because he writes ever note, and he writes every line
And I've seen him at work when that light goes on in his mind
It's like a design is written in his head every time
Before even touches a key, or speaks in a rhyme
And those other fellas he runs with, those kids that he signed,
Ridiculous, without even trying, how do they DO it?!

Okay so it's about rapping, but that's writing too :-)

Dave said...

Did I see correctly?? Did that say that DASH will be in NYC?? I can't wait for you to announce the tour dates so I can take off of work much in advance. That's awesome. Finally some goos news today. Thanks Dash. And those pictures are awesome. Not much in NJ that looks like that! Good luxk with the tour.

Jessica said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun at the get-together (thanks for the link).
Yay! 6 weeks!! So... When is the second book scheduled to come out?
No pressure, no pressure. lol

James Dashner said...

Hey everybody! Thanks for commenting - you know I love them.

Jessica, THE SCORCH TRIALS will come out in October of 2010. But maybe you can get an ARC earlier than that!

numberonedashnerfan said...

Music is like candy you throw wRAPPERS away.....anywho nice pics....cant wait for book 3..... speaking of school on the way home from the first day it was intense stuff the car had stalled and of course on a busy street then it was fine for a few miles then it started stalling again but we were in the neighborhood area and the steering wheel wouldnt turn even it neutral very far and so it was intense puhing when we got close to home my mom was all I thought you were giving your sis a ride home from school...... Ice cream is yummy i wish i had some.....MY compy is still dead ):.....oh well thats what librarys are for.......TIKI TIKI....

Donna McDine said...

NYC on your book tour. Date and place please, I'm 30 minutes outside NYC and would love to come. Terrific pictures...thanks for sharing.


Cranberryfries said...

1. You got report cards every six weeks? That'd be crap-ola. Especially if you're pullin in grades like that from Ms Hudson.
2. Is touring fun or is it a little gruesome? (Tiring, boring, long, traveling to fast between places)
3. Brodi cracks me up. We're related.
4. I'm totally surprised. For reals.
5. I still haven't succumbed. I hear it's fun though.
6. Live here. Bea U tiful

Jessica said...

It would be awesome to get an ARC of The Scorch Trials!
The title intrigues me.
Any ideas what the title for the third book will be?

Unknown said...


It's called "The Death Cure", tentatively. Typical big-headed Dashnerness, thinkin' he's gonna pull a fast one on us, like he knows how to cure death or something. I'll bet the trick is that death IS the cure. Mwahahahahaha

Unknown said...

It's two in the morning. I just finished revising a book. I'm excited. That's all I have to say. Good-bye.

The Writer said...

I know I'm behind the curve here, but I just discovered your books. I have to say, I'm thoroughly captivated by the 13th Reality. I just finished The Hunt for Dark Infinity, and it blew me away. I loved your brilliant and creative scenes, but what I especially loved was the way that you wrote your villains. You've made them into real characters, not caricatures, and that's something that's all too rarely done. In addition to this, you're willing to put your characters through the wringer, and Tick had had some serious you-know-what to deal with. I just wanted to say congratulations-- you have a new fan. I'm planning on diving into the Jimmy Fincher Saga as soon as I get my hands on it.

Jessica said...

LOL... Thanks Graham Chops!

James Dashner said...

The Writer, wow, thank you. I read your comment first thing this morning and it really lifted my spirits. THANKS!

Donna, we'll know the specifics soon. But I think I'll be in NYC on October 14th and 15th.

Debbie, touring is MOSTLY fun. It gets tiring, but not too bad. Being away from the fam is hard of course.

Graham, that's awesome man! Submit submit submit!

Jessica, yes, THE DEATH CURE. It's gonna be awesome!!!! haha

Unknown said...

I sent it over to Kirk, it's a Utah-market book. I'm submitting my sci-fi next week to Valor! It never ends.

Sheila (bookjourney) said...

What a fun post! Glad to finally have you on my radar - your book(s) look wonderful!

James Dashner said...

Thanks, Sheila - glad to have you on the blog!

Graham, fingers crossed.

Dedee said...

Maze Runner has been pre-ordered from B&N.

You should probably thank Shannon Hale for that since Faramir was at her book signing with my daughter, saw Maze Runner was up for pre-order and ordered it.

So I read the first seven chapters. It's going to be good and Faramir is going to lurv! it!

Panda Queen said...

Um, hello? No Dallas? :( Ah well, I'm excited for the Maze Runner anyway. (as well as my birthday- the same day it comes out! :D)

Chas Hathaway said...


Can't wait to read Maze Runner.

Love your blog! I've given you the Lemonade award. See my blog for details!

- Chas

hidden reader said...

can you believe that your book is finally almost out? i remember when you were just sharing the idea of maze runner to our school four years ago or so. wow. good job!

denverdoc said...

I just spent most of this weekend reading Maze Runner. I got nothing much else done. Thank you for a great weekend!

Sarah Anne said...

That place looks so familiar. Kind of like Mirror Lake.