Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Short and Sweet

Cauliflowerwriter asked how I managed to work on two projects at once - back when I was doing rewrites for MAZE and finishing up 13th Book 2.

Well, truth is, I wasn't. I have a hard time with that, and only do it when I must. Book 2 was pretty much done by the time I received my rewrite stuff from Krista at Delacorte. And I actually postponed working on Book 3 until the maze work was mostly done.

When I DO have to work on two things at once, I try to split it between morning and afternoon. My mind at least has that lunch break to switch from one thing to the other.

Thanks for the question. If anyone ever has one, just leave it in the comments and I will get to it quickly.

I hope everyone enjoyed the inauguration yesterday (though CNN needs to pull back on the cheese a bit - my favorite was when they gushed and gawed for 5 minutes about how excellent Obama's penmanship is). I really enjoyed seeing the history of it all.

No matter your politics, it's pretty amazing that we now have a President who would've been a slave in the same country a couple hundred years ago and would've been turned away from many establishments just forty or so years ago. I'm rooting for this guy.

And it has nothing to do with the fact that I need this economy to improve so more people will buy my books! I promise. Ahem, um, moving right along......

Writing Update for THE BLADE OF SHATTERED HOPE: 23,382 words

Book 2 will be out in just over a month! I can't believe it. I should be seeing some of the hardback copies any day now......


Shari said...

I only commented because I wanted to be the first of all your fans to leave a comment. j/k
I'm looking forward to book 2 of 13th Reality. Any ideas when Maze comes out? Congratulations on all of your success.

LouMac said...

I hope Obama succeeds as well. Our economy definitely needs it. Did you know that they say he will have to spend one trillion dollars (at least) to get this economy back in order.
Oh, and I thought the inauguration was pretty cool too. It was so emotional to watch all those black people out there to see the first black president being inaugurated. (Think of all those that had slave ancestors! Very emotional and exciting for them!)
Well, I can't wait for Book 2 to come out.
I am going to be the first one to buy it! (I don't know if that is true or not, but who cares?)

Are you going to have a launch party? If so, where?

Rebecca McKinnon said...

I'm excited for Book 2 as well! I've been signed up for the drawing for a pre-release copy on goodreads since the day it was posted...and when I don't win, I'll just go buy it the day it comes out.(Anyone interested in the goodreads giveaway copies, the drawing doesn't close until Feb. 1.)

Anonymous said...

I thought the inauguration was pretty cool, too. It was sort of funny when they were trying to have him say a bunch of lines when he had his hand up and he kept messing up. There's this kid in the hall across from me and he's bein' all racist about Obama. My mom thinks its horrible. (By the way, she thinks that little annoying fart is horrible). I never saw the part, though, when the guy was raving about Obama's penmanship. I can see his penmanship now though, all curly and everything, probably looks cool. But it doesn't matter. And 23K+ words already? That's a lot!!! Good luck on your writing!!!!!!

James Dashner said...

Shari, still don't know the exact date. Sometime this fall.

LouMac, I'll be doing some events when it comes out. Keep checking my schedule over at

Goodreads is doing a giveaway? Cool!

J.N. Future Author said...

shari! you beat me to it tihs time! but not the next!

L.T. Elliot said...

Thanks for your comments about the inauguration, James. I generally don't like to get into politics with people (ever) but I'm very proud of the decision our country made. It's about time. And I believe (and hope) that Obama has great things in store for our nation.

Also--thanks for taking the time to give us little status updates too. It's awesome to see how you're coming along. I'm thrilled for Dark Infinity and I have to say it was cool to see "progress for BLADE OF SHATTERED HOPE" up there. Doesn't it just give you chills?

Last kiss-up comment, I promise. (Although, I swear I'm not flattering you. I'm being honest.) Thanks for the Q&A. It's a wonderful thing you do for aspiring authors and groupie-stalkers alike.

Have a good one!

Magenta said...

I loved the inauguration yesterday! I was all for Obama right from the beginning. He's going to be a great president. (Very insightful. I never even thought of the fact that he might've been a slave 200 years ago!) I wrote a whole post about the ceremony myself. If you want, you can check it out.

I can hardly wait until "Dark Infinity" comes out!

Unknown said...

Yay for Obama! That was some powerful speech. Loved it. Now all we have to do is pray he (and we) can make it all happen.

LouMac said...

I agree

Unknown said...

Huge Obama fan here! Anxiously awaiting 13th Reality #2!

Carolyn Twede Frank said...

Thanks for your response to my question. Now lets hope that one of these days I will be faced with the problem of having to work on two manuscripts at once. (Better that than having nobody want any of my manuscripts.)