Thursday, March 13, 2008

Change the World Tour: Day 12

Today was a little different, but great. My visits today were sponsored by the Granite School Foundation, and they went around with me to every school (thanks to Scott, Sandy, Karma, and everyone else). Deseret Book also went and sold books at the schools. I was amazed at how many we sold, which kind of lessened the signing tonight, but that doesn't matter now does it?

I bet in total we sold around 150 books today, maybe 200. A surprisingly large amount of those were Jimmy Fincher books. Jimmy's makin' a comeback!

Thanks to Rolling Meadows, Monroe, and Farnsworth Elementary Schools, and all the wonderful people there: teachers, librarians, principals, and students alike. I had a great lunch with some students at Rolling Meadows. That is so fun and I hope to do more of that.

Whew, today was by far the most hectic yet. We had to blister through those signings at the schools in order to get to the next one. Sandy from the Foundation was pretty much superwoman making sure everything went smoothly. I told her when I become a billionaire I'm going to hire her full time. I tried my best to spend a little time with each student, but we didn't get much. Oh well.

The signing tonight was fun, if a little slow. I think most of the kids who wanted books bought them at the school. But we still had a crowd of 30 or so, and it was really fun to take more time with people. I had quite the crowd of student bodyguards tonight.

A quick shout out to Dan, Tracy, and Zach from the Deseret Book store at Valley Fair Mall. They were awesome and made me feel right at home. I really enjoyed getting to know you guys.

Almost Favorite Moment of the Night: When this kid named Dylan quietly asked me to add "The Chick Magnet" under his name on the poster I signed to him.

The Favorite Moment of the Night: When the crowd dwindled to 3 kids, I found 2 extra t-shirts that had been hiding. This 6th grader named Jose very humbly and kindly insisted that the two 4th grade gals get the shirts, not him. And seriously, this guy was as sincere as you can get. And he wants to be an author someday. Jose, you are my Person of the Month, dude.

Well, tomorrow is the last day of the first leg of The Change the World Tour. There will be other cities in the next couple of months, but this was a good start. I might be a little tired, but for the most part I enjoyed these 2 weeks more than I even thought I would. Thanks for sticking with me as I've posted every day.

By the way, I've received a lot of emails the last week or so, and I promise to get to them. I kinda got backlogged. So please be patient with me.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you live in Ogden, the 13th Reality website has the wrong address for the signing tomorrow night (Friday). It's at 4151 South Riverdale Road at 6:30. IT'S NOT IN HARRISVILLE. (And I'm supposed to say this was discovered by my best friend, Ben "Slackjaw" Egan. So . . . this was discovered by my best friend, Ben "Slackjaw" Egan. Thanks, Ben. You crazy rocker.)

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Ron Simpson said...

Way to go Jose. Chivalry is not dead. We, as right thinking adults, should encourage and reward young men that act with kindness and courage.
Jose gets my vote as person of the month.