Sunday, March 9, 2008

Change the World Tour: Day 8

I'm really tired. My goal tonight is to write the most boring blog post in the history of mankind. And the shortest.

My mind is totally messed up on the time thing. Today was daylight savings, and then I flew cross country to Arizona, which doesn't recognize daylight savings. I'm pretty sure I don't know what time it is, but I do know I'm about to fall asleep sitting at the desk.

Here's what I did today: said bye to family, flew to Phoenix, had dinner with my wife's sister and her family, checked into my hotel, blogged. Pretty exciting, eh?

I think this is the nicest room I've ever been in. Ever stayed at a Marriott Residence Inn? I have a kitchen, dude. What am I supposed to do with a kitchen? Especially when I get a free hot breakfast downstairs in the morning. Seriously, this room is awesome. You should all come visit me and we could hang in the spacious living room area and watch spring training on the widescreen TV.

Okay, I think I'm losing it. And you can tell I grew up poor because I'm so giddy about a hotel room.

Good night. Tomorrow: 4 schools and a signing at Barnes and Noble on Happy Valley Road.


Anonymous said...

four schools! full day for you tomorrow. Best of luck!

Kelly M said...

WAIT- I thought the signing was tomorrow!! Well, we'll change our plans and come see you tonight. FHE at Barnes and Noble! :)

Kelly M said...

I'm not crazy- I just double checked the tour dates on your website and it says 3/11, which is tomorrow! But if you say tonight, then so be it.

Luisa Perkins said...

Dude, I'm totally the same way about hotel rooms. And hurray for spring training! It's the beyssst.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

I read about you on Phil Kloer's blog entry from last week on He said you had an awesome do...I looked today...and from there I found your blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your accounts of your tour. Your mother sound like she may be Paula Deen. :-)

Angie G said...

Sorry about all the confusion on James' website... in chatting with the Barnes & Noble CRM, James will be appearing BOTH Monday and Tuesday in Phoenix!

LaFemmeSimple said...


Your myspace page is up now!

James Dashner said...

Thanks for the comments and sorry about the confusion on the signings.

amym, glad you found us! Welcome.