Friday, March 28, 2008

Fan Mail of the Year

I don't usually do this (in fact, never have), but I had to share an email I received from a new fan. It's just kinda cool. Enjoy:

I recently bought The 13th Reality: The Journal of Curious Letters at Barnes and Noble. In fact it was only last night (Tuesday, March 26th). The first thing that attracted me to your book is that I caught the number 13 looking out at me from a distance. It may interest you to know that: A) my lucky number is Thirteen B) I am currently 13 years old and C) I was born on Friday, January 13th 1995. So, you may well see that the number thirteen has been and is currently a big part in my life.

As I moved closer to the curious book with the large 13 on the front I read the next thing that stood out to me. A sticker, saying, "From the publisher of Fableheaven and Leven Thumps." Now, I have read the Leven Thumps series and have liked it quite well. So, I thought, why not look at it and see? I read the inside flap with a short summary of the book (the one that asks you all the questions you know?) and almost dropped it. You see the letters M and G are my initials. Right after that I was like OMG! I have to buy this book!!!!!! Besides it sounds really good too!!! Thirteen and the letters M and G, it was a sign!

I am very pleased with what I have read so far except one little thing, you made M.G. a boy. (JUST KIDDING!!!) Yup, you probably guessed it, I'm a girl. A pretty smart one at that, if I may say so myself. (And I read too much for my own good. Everyone, including my parents will tell you that I need to get a life!) I will probably finish your book sometime tomorrow (I'm halfway through it!) and I absolutely LOVE the story!! It's soooooo cool! If you don't mind responding to this e-mail could you? I will be greatly pleased if you would. (Hopefully,)Talk to you soon!


Thanks, MG. That was a lot of fun to read, and I hope you like the rest of the book. And it's really cool to call you MG. See ya, MG.


Luisa Perkins said...

Oh, that's so fun!

BTW, The 13th reality is now my son James's favorite book. See his blog for proof: http://jameslovesthemets/

Scoops Mangum said...

What a cool email!

Brian said...


Melinda said...

Wow, that is so much better than the nightmare I had the other night when I dreamt that my book was published and all I got was hatemail because it was so bad.

Summersfam said...

That's awesome! I've never met this M.G. fan of yours, but if they ever make a 13th Reality movie, she totally needs to be cast as Sofia. Doesn't she sound like Sofia??

By the way, I finished the book this week. It was great!! Good job! Can't wait for the next one...

Enna Isilee said...

Ha. That's way cool.

Rachelle said...

I guess you just totally rock, don't you? Really, that's so awesome because your book IS good. It was neat to hear about how much Shadow Mountain loved your ideas of self-promotion, where do you come up with all those ideas? And where do I sign up for the schmoozer classes you must've graduated from to have all of these awesome people, like Barnes & Noble love you so much? JK, I'm excited for you and thanks for signing my book and encouraging me in my writing as well.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

My own nearly 13-year old daughter could have written a version of that letter. I bought the book for her at Barnes And Noble here in Houston on March 26th after remembering reading your blog a while back courtesy of Tamra Norton.

Anyway, my daughter Lauren just told me that that she would have to be somewhere in the 5th Reality because her birthday is 5-5-95(Cinco De Mayo!) and her favorite number is 5.

Here's a picture of Lauren and her sister with Obert Skye when Tamra hosted a Leven Thumps Extravaganza at her home a few months ago.
Lauren is the one holding her book upside down.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

And here's her blog post from today where she throws Leven Thumps under the bus and declares The 13th Reality her new favorite book of all time.

She even added Atticus to her Future Children naming list.

James Dashner said...

Thanks for all the nice comments, guys! MG, look at your new fan base.

Luisa, I knew your son was one smart dude. Tell him I said hi and thanks.

Karen, she does kinda have a Sofia feel, doesn't she?

Rachelle, I don't know where I get my ideas, but I'm definitely the master of schmoozery.

And Lauren, my new hero: how cool is this? You threw Leven Thumps under a bus for me? I'm so honored. I left a comment on your blog. THANKS!

Sunbum said...

Yes, I saw that thank you. I thru it without any regrets. I personally think you're awesome.

-Love your number one fan

Danyelle F. said...


How awesome! I love it when people rave about my writing . . . but usually I have to pay them for it. :)

It was great to see you at the conference. I hope everything with Borders goes fabulously!

James Dashner said...

Sunbum, you rock. You might have some competition as my number one fan, though. :-)

Danyelle, it was great to see you, too! I'm still sad the conference is over.

Sunbum said...

That's okay I'm ready for them!

anna said...

you came to my school today draper elemtery. I thout you where funny hope to see you again.